Announcing CWGA Waves Team GA LSC Athlete Representative

CWGA Waves proudly announces....

Jack Murdock as the CWGA Waves Athlete Representative for the Georgia Swimming LSC.  

Jack was selected to fill this role by the daily demonstration of leadership skills at practice both in and out of the water.  Jack is always present to lend a helping hand to the CWGA Waves'  Coaching staff as well as his fellow swim  team members.  This athlete role that Jack taking on includes learning first  hand knowledge  of how Ga Swimming LSC is governed.  He will become part of planning  and shaping of the future of Georgia Swimming Athletes.  He will attend the Ga Swimming LSC meetings in the fall and spring actively voting/shaping  GA Swimming LSC legislation that impacts the future of swimming .  He will be placed on sub-committees  inside the Ga LSC  governing bodies, meeting with other Georgia swim team representatives and discussing the topics/plans that affect your swimming future.  He will be meeting with our CWGA Waves  team members and informing the team on what is the current topics/plans for the GA Swimming LSC and especially the impacts on our athletes.  

Congratulations Jack!