Proactive Safety Measures

CWGA Waves Proactive Safety measures

Hello Waves,
As you are aware increasing cases of COVID/exposure have been noted at all schools.
The Waves like to be proactive and are implementing the following safety measure and we need your assistance to make happen.
-The CWGA Waves Coaching Staff will be wearing masks daily while indoors coaching. 
-encouraging swimmers to use face masks while entering and exiting CAC back door entrance.  
-will be using hand sanitizer often while on pool deck.
-the use of sanitizing spray will be used on items used daily.  
-The use of daily CWGA waves property will end on  this Thursday.  All swimmers MUST purchase the equipment that was indicated for your swim practice group on your welcome letter last week.  The equipment this week will be cleaned at the FMC of each practice.
-swimmers MUST enter and e it through the back pool entrance.  Parents MUST use front door entrance for entering/exiting the CAC facility  if you choose to stay and watch practice.   
-Please remember no parents allowed on deck for safety rules.
-if your child is showing illness symptoms please do not bring them to practice.  
-if your child test positive you MUST notify Coaches via email
Thank you for your assistance in keeping all of team safe!
Coach Teresa and Coach Katerina