2021-22 Registration

Registration for the 2021-22 season is now open to returning swimmers. Registration is open to new swimmers beginning Tuesday August 17. Here is what you need to know:

Welcome to Saluki Swim Club!  You may register to join Saluki Swim Club online at The following provides some helpful information about Saluki Swim Club. If you have any questions during your registration process you can text or call Coach Thomas Huggins at 618-559-5992 or email him at [email protected].

Fees and Payments

Annual USA Swimming Athlete Registration:

The 2022 USA Swimming registration fee is $72.  Every team member is charged this annual USA Swimming fee when they register for the season.


Yearly/Monthly Fees:

The amounts charged depend on which group a child is assigned to for practice.  These amounts are listed by group below.  Families with multiple children will be given a family discount. For 2 swimmers or more swimmers you will receive a 10% discount for each swimmer. Fees are paid online using our registration system. If you choose to make payments, the year is broken into 9 payments, September through May.  

Group               Yearly             Broken into 9 Payments                    

Jedi                   $675                $80                  

Group 1             $810                $95                  

Group 2             $900                $105    

Group 3             $1260              $145

Group 4             $1530              $175


Swimming for Saluki Swim Club is a commitment to year-round swimming. Your yearly fees cover your swimmers’ fees from September 2021-August 2022.               


Meet Fees

Meet attendance is not required.  When you sign your swimmer up to attend a meet, the meet fees will be charged to your account. Meet letters will specify the entry and per event fees charged by the host club.  The typical amount for a 3-day meet is about $60. Sign-up for jobs at meets is handled through our events page on



Parents will be expected to contribute to meet hospitality for all hosted events. This may be a prearranged food donation or a $10/family contribution.


Payment Policy:

  1. If you choose to use our online payment system, simply leave your billing information on file in our system and your card will be debited on the 1st of every month for any outstanding balance.
  2. If you choose to pay by mail, all checks should be made out to:  Saluki Swim Club, PO Box 3293, Carbondale IL 62902. Bills are emailed on the 1st of each month and are payable in full upon receipt. The returned check fee is $20.00.
  3. If you choose to make payments, there are 9 monthly payments. Once you have made those 9 payments the rest of the season is paid up.
  4. If your account is more than 30 days past due, your swimmer will not be entered in meets until the balance is paid. 



Why fundraising is necessary:  Over the past few years the SIU Rec Center has raised the rental fees that we pay by a substantial amount.  In an effort not to raise our session fees we are asking all families to commit to fundraising activities and help in the effort to find sponsors for our program. Each family will be asked to raise $100 per swimmer on the team.


Examples of Fundraising may include:

  • Monies raised during Swim-a-thon
  • Finding sponsors to support our team
  • Finding sponsors to donate needed equipment for the Team
  • Getting restaurant/food service donations for our meets
  • All non-cash donations must be approved by the team board


Parent Work Requirement

Saluki Swim Club established the Parent Work Requirement to help in staffing our meets so that they run smoothly and offer all athletes a good competitive experience. Without the help of dozens of people, we are simply unable to run meets effectively. Hosting meets at the Shea Natatorium helps the club in three ways. First, meets offer competitive opportunities that many of our athletes otherwise wouldn’t have. Shea is a wonderful competitive facility, and our swimmers frequently have good performances there.  Second, the meets are a large source of revenue. They enable us to keep our fees affordable for the greatest number of families. Finally, meets at Shea offer us the opportunity to attend a meet at home with no travel costs involved.


Parents are required to work at all meets hosted by Saluki Swim Club.  Parents may also have a family member or friend work on their behalf.  We host 3 meets during the Fall: one in February, a large Invitational at the end of April, and an Open Water around Memorial Day weekend.  The meets range in size from our one day, one session Swim Your Own Age meet in October to the 3 sessions a day for 3 days A Champs meet in November. A session is typically 4 hours long. Sign-up for jobs at meets is handled through our events page on


All Parents are required to work at meets or have a family member or friend work on their behalf. If the meet is one day, one session is required. If the meet is two days, two sessions are required. If the meet is three days, three sessions are required. Failure to work the minimum number of meet sessions will result in your account being fined $50 for each session not worked. 


Practice Times

  • Jedi, Monday-Friday 6-6:45 PM
  • Group 1, Monday-Friday 5-6 PM
  • Group 2, Monday-Friday 5-6 PM and Saturday 10-11:30
  • Group 3, Monday-Friday 6-7:30 PM, Saturday 10-12 and should attend at least one day a week of dryland and no more than two, 5-6 PM.
  • Group 4, Monday-Friday dryland 5-6 PM, water 6-7:30, Saturday 10-12. Mornings Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7 AM.


Emails go out every Sunday with any practice changes for the week. If you are not seeing weekly emails in your inbox every Sunday (or Monday if there was a meet) contact coach Thomas Huggins at [email protected].  You may also check the news tab on our website for any schedule updates.