CDA Crossing 2021

THANK YOU to everyone-swimmers, volunteers, sponsors, and especially Coach Jade-who made the 2021 CDA Crossing a success! Pulling off this event takes a lot of hours of preparation and behind the scenes work, and we are grateful to all who helped. 227 total swimmers took the plunge into Lake CDA for either the 2.4 mile swim from Arrow Point to the resort golf course or the 1.2 mile swim from the midpoint of the lake to the golf course. The event was a great success, both as a fundraiser for CAST and as a chance for our swimmers and the community at large to participate in this unique race. Full race results can be found  here!

CAST Swimmers were, as ever, well represented. Atop the results, capping off a tremendous summer, was Logan Robillard, who won the 2.4 mile swim in just under 47 minutes, a whopping 4 minutes ahead of second place. Ben Linford took 4th overall, 6 minutes faster than his 2019 time. Camryn Schmidt was the second fastest female swimmer and 6th overall in her inaugural Crossing. Riley Taylor and Demi Blaylock pushed each other and duelled at least the last half of the race, finishing 23rd and 24th overall and were among the last swimmers to get under the hour mark. Isabelle Downing came in 27th with Zach Linford right behind in 29th, and were our fastest female and male Junior Squadders. Brothers Owen Bennett and Trace Bennett raced each other to the very end, coming in 32nd and 33rd; at 10 years old Trace is among the youngest to ever do the full 2.4 mile race and was our fastest A squadder! We had a tight group with Emma Fredekind 40th (5 minutes faster than 2019), Quinn Taylor right behind her in 42nd, and Jasmine Mielke next in 44th. Tillie Sobek was 64th, Cooper Ray was 69th, and Lorelai Renner was 77th as our fastest A squad female swimmer. Finally, shoutout to Adeline Downing, who made it through 3/4 of the 2.4-our only B or C squadder to attempt the full race!

In the half-Crossing 1.2 mile race, Junior Squadder Clara Strow was the first overall finisher, 15 seconds ahead of second place. Her sister Sylvia was not far behind her in 3rd and Kaylynn Misner just seconds behind that in 4th. Emmersyn Haley was 7th-a tremendous showing of 4 top-10 finishers for our Junior and A squad ladies in the half! Anders Misner was our lone C or B squad participant in the 1.2 and finished in under 50 minutes!

Our parents and CAST alums were also represented well. It is great to see several generations of the CAST family participate in this event, and one of the reasons I love to be at the finish line of the Crossing is to see our current and past swimmers, parents, and coaches all together in the water! CAST parents who jumped in to show their kids they still have it included Kip TaylorMarco Craigie, Samantha Whiting, Jaci Downing, Daniel Haley, Amy Maykuth, John Misner, and Jamie Misner. My sincere apologies if I missed any parents! Former CAST swimmers included Tristan Whiting (3rd overall), Sarah Nicholls (7th overall, 3rd fastest female), Jack Fritz-Hooper, Emma Fritz-Hooper, Lana LawrenceCameron CraigieAshlyn Craigie, Madison Craigie, Abbey Whiting, and former CAST coaches Brady Hooper and MIke Hamm.

Thank you everyone-have a great break, we're looking forward to kicking off short course season at the end of the month!

Coach David