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Rocklin Swim Team Adopts updated Safe Sport MAAPP

USA Swim announced the requirement for all teams to implement the updated Safe Sport Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy by Sept 1, 2021.  Rocklin Swim Team adopted the updated policy on Aug 19, 2021 and you can read it here.  When you registered for our team you acknowledged to abide by our team policies including our Safe Sport policies.  We invite you to attend the USA SWIM MAAPP 2.0 Informational Webinars  on Thurs, Aug 26 at 7:00 p.m. EDT to learn more about the updated policy ( Register  ). 

History about Safe Sport: USA Swimming has developed a program called Safe Sport.  Rocklin Swim Team is committed to raising awareness of and preventing abuse in the sport of swimming and you can read more on our Safe Sport site.  We believe that all swimmers should enjoy a fun, healthy, safe environment in the sport of swimming.