Welcome Back!
Welcome to RUSH!

To all new and returning members, welcome! Were happy youre here. 

We had a great first day yesterday and eagerly await the rest of the week. As we finalize registrations for a few more folks, we have some reminders:

1. Swim practice schedules can be found on the website under "swim groups" tab. 

2. Registration checks can be submitted to me on deck or to the admin building. 

3. Parent vs swimmer zone at the pool will be blocked off with cones. Only swimmers are permitted past these cones to help keep focus during practice between athletes and coaches.

4. Please plan to arrive at least 5 min early to your scheduled practice time so athletes can check in with their coaches, get assigned to a lane, and be ready to hop in ON TIME!

5. Next Monday, august 30th we will have our Team Gear Night in lieu off practices. Swim Freak will come out to the pool and we can help you with equipment. 

6. Any current equipment should be marked with a SHARPIE with athlete first and last name, and phone number to be contacted if lost. 

Thank you for your amazing job getting registrations in, athletes to the pool on time, and for a wonderful first day!

Coach Sam Connors