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SWIM OFFICIALS NEEDED $100 team credit- Upcoming Clinic

Dear Families,

Rocklin Swim Team is in need of USA Swimming certified Stroke & Turn officials.  At this time our team has only 1 certified official and 2 additional officials in training.  For every USA sanctioned swim meet we attend, Rocklin Swim Team is required to provide timers and certified officials based on our number of participating swimmers.  Without a sufficient number of officials, swim meets cannot be held.  During the spring there were instances where meets had to be cancelled due to an insufficient number of officials.

Please consider attending an Officials Clinic on October 2, 2021 via zoom starting at 9amPST.  This clinic is an annual requirement for all certified officials and it is the first step for new candidates to become certified.   This is the only clinic scheduled at this time.  


9am-11am Mandatory Annual Officials Clinic is for everyone: New, Existing Officials, and Official Curious. Everyone, please pre-register here: 
11am-noon Continuation Meeting for NEW Officials to answer more specific getting started/how to information. If you are a NEW Official, please register for this clinic as well (You must do both clinics if you are new) at: 

If you think you may be willing to help by becoming an official, please contact me for questions.  I would be happy to explain the required steps.  There is some training required, but it will help you to better understand the sport and allow our team to continue to compete. 

Once you are certified, Rocklin Swim Team will reimburse you for the cost of your USA Membership ($70.00) and background check ($38.00).  In addition,  Rocklin  Swim Team will apply a $100.00 credit to your account to be applied toward registration fees, meet fees, etc.  This credit will help to offset any costs associated with the purchase of the required official's uniform (Navy khakis/shorts/skirt, white polo/golf shirt, and white sneakers).   

Do not hesitate to call me with any questions. 


Jim Contratto 

Competitive Programs Representative 

Rocklin Swim Team