Quick news from Dave

First: the current calendar online goes through Sept 4th. Those with school conflicts, just get there as soon as you can. We are working on adapting to the schedules that people sent in  from last weeks survey, and will post this weekend at the latest.

Every  season we start out with less intensity and more technique. The more advanced groups: DawnElla's and Dave's will be starting off with some shorter practices and building from there.

Please keep an eye out for emails coming out.... I will likely send 2 or 3 a week over the next couple weeks. I will also be posting them under the news tab on the website. So if you have issues with cast emails sometimes ending up in your spam folder or lost in cyberspace, you can just check the CAST news tab and catch up.

Tonights' the first night back for levels FGHI and a couple things have changed. Coach Kayla and Fiona are now into their college school year and will not be with us (except tonight I asked kayla to come in for her last night to help transition). Coach Angelica who was with us in May and June is now back (she had another committment in July and 1st 1/2 of August). And we've brought on a new assistant, Oscar Wong. Feel free to say Hi and introduce yourself to coach Oscar when you're on Deck.

And if you've looked at the calendar online... can always be found under the schedule tab .... you'll notice there is a team hike on Saturday morning 7:30 cowles mountain. EVERYONE is invited. all cast swimmers, their families, and if you want to bring a friend or a dog, bring them along... it's an informal hike and all are welcome. Make sure you bring fluids. The round trip usually takes about 1 hr 15 minutes. Show up a little early as parking can stretch 3/4 of a mile from the trail head on the corner of Golfcrest and Navajo.

Hope to see you Saturday morning!

Coach Dave