Water Polo Wrap-Up 2021 Summer

Water Polo Wrap-Up: The following was submitted by Chantelle Dykstra, Parent Rep for Aqua Club Water Polo. Thanks to Chantelle and all those involved for bringing Water Polo back to Aqua Club after nearly a decade! We appreciate the commitment to bringing an opportunity for those interested in learning and competing in a safe and fun way!

The Seattle Summer Water Polo league was so excited for us to be back and supported our kids with open arms. Turn outs were wonderful, with up to 36 kids in the pool one day. We were able to host 2 scrimmages with other clubs and finished our season off with a 17 to 15 win over Innes Arden and WW! Our players were strong, brave and great sports!

Special thanks to…

  • Kai Geller (AQ Senior) stepped up as lead coach and did an incredible job coaching the kids. There was so much joy in the water.
  • Darya Farivar (AQ Alumni) came back to help us out as well along with Nina and Lylia (former HS players). 
  • Rain City Water Polo and Thor Tyson for lending us all our gear and mentoring our coaches this year
  • The entire Aqua Club community for your support

We hope to continue to grow our program (and include younger kids in programming) in 2022 and be full participants in the Seattle Summer Water Polo league next August. Our programs will help gain momentum and get kids involved in their school sports. North Shore, Shoreline, and Roosevelt HS will all have water polo teams this year. Please reach out to your schools, if interested.