LCSC Coho Update 31 August 2021

LCSC Coho Update      31 August 21
Head Coach’s Program Report

Good afternoon from vacationland!
LCSC Coho Coaches are on vacation until the start of Session I, just two weeks away.  We look forward to another great fall season starting outside at Burton Hollow Swim Club.  Registration is open and guidelines for group selection are posted in our Team Feed.  Please use this news update as a reference in preparation for opening day.
LCSC Mission:
LCSC offers the local swimming community excellent instruction in water safety, essential swimming techniques, advanced racing skills and training, and life-long love of the sport of swimming. 
LCSC Vision: 
Livonia Community Swim Club will continue to develop well-rounded swimmers who strive to excel in swimming and apply these principles to all aspects of their personal success. We seek to develop both regionally and nationally ranked swimmers as well as good sports citizens.
LCSC Objectives
Whole Team
            Continue to achieve the Mission and Vision Statements
Senior Group
            Increase HS age participation 
            Increase HS age skill development, endurance and racing success
Platinum Group
            Maintain solid core of Platinum swimmers
            Improve skills, strength, endurance and racing strategies
Gold Group
            Continue to have strong participation in the Gold Group
            Improve skills, strength, endurance and racing strategies
Bronze/Silver Group
            Increase participation in these developmental groups
            Improve basic swim skills and endurance in all strokes and racing skills

Training Schedule
~Posted on team website
~Outdoors at BHSC until Saturday, October 16

Preliminary Meet Schedule 2021-2022
October 2021
8-9       Team Intrasquad on Friday night/Saturday morning
22-24   OLY (State level swimmers)
23-24   BA (All other swimmers)
November 2021
20-21   SAC (all swimmers)
December 2021
3-5       LCSC Snowball Splash (Team Effort Meet)
8-11     Speedo Winter Junior Championships @ Greensboro, NC
January 2022
12-15   TYR Pro [email protected] Knoxville, TN
14-16   USSC (all swimmers)
February 2022
4-6       LCSC Polar Plunge (Team Effort Meet)
11-13   OLY Prelim/Final (State Level and above only)
13        LL Guppy Bowl (8 & U only)
26-27   MI Swimming Districts (not yet scheduled/published)
March 2022  (Based on past MI Swimming schedule; not yet published)
4-6       MI Swim JO Meet
10-13   Central Zone Sectionals (date/site not yet confirmed)
11-13   MI Swim 12 & U State Championships
17-20   MI Swim 13-14 and Open State Championships 
April 2022
1-3       Open Water Nationals @ Fort Myers Beach, FL

Endurance, Strength, and Fitness on Your Own!
Motivated athletes find ways to improve their strength and fitness when they take an extended break away from regular training sessions.  Here are a few ideas for young Coho swimmers to consider during these “down” weeks:
Running, Biking, Swimming
Yoga, Tai Chi, stretching

IMXtreme Update
Congratulations to all of or young skilled and determined Coho athletes achieving all of their USA Swimming IMX events during the September 2019-August 2021 time period.  Information about IMX events may be found here:
Swimmers will be recognized with an “IMXtreme Coho 2020-2021” t-shirt for their IMX accomplishments, with an additional hurdle: Coho swimmers are requested to confirm their accomplishment by turning in handwritten verification of their IMX times.  Attached to this news update is the IMXtreme Coho Application form.  Attached to this news update is a list of swimmers with completed applications (please check for shirt size accuracy and any oversights).  Coho swimmers qualified for this recognition, and want the t-shirt, must complete in their own handwriting the IMXtreme Coho Application, and submit it via email to Coach Vince at [email protected].  Deadline for application completion is Friday, September 10.  T-shirt orders will be placed September 13 for late September delivery.

2020-2021 IMXtreme Coho Shirt Order List
Youth Large   Alisa Mui
Adult X-Small    Finley Cadwell             Lucy Deller      Colin Pierce
Adult Small     Brycen Coon   Josey Coon      Audrey Tyler   Kelsey Kathan
Kara Svoboda  Emily Anderson           Hailey Gillett   Rachel King
Adult Medium     Bird Hubbard  Ella Dziobak    Faith Robertson          Alex Mui
Allie Allen        Maya Boyle     Charlotte Boehm        Allison Randall
Luke Sosnowski           Josh Webert    Sarah Boonstra           Ishan Karkare
Adult Large    Amy Mui         James McPherson

USA Swimming IMXtreme Coho September 2019-August 2021 Award Recognition
Congratulations on achieving your IMX event list during the extended year!  
1. Print your name, age, and date of birth in the spaces provided.
2. Print your list of IMX events, name of meet, and time achieved in the spaces provided.
3. Sign, date, and indicate shirt size in the spaces provided.
4. Email picture of completed form to Coach Vince at [email protected]

Name____________________________________  Age_______    DOB____________________

IMX Event List





























Signature____________________________________ date_____________ Shirt size_________


Billing Completed in August
Summer Swim Caps    
USSC Last Chance Meet          
12 & U States  
13 & Over States        
Please direct any questions on these charges to Coach Vince.

Enjoy the rest of your vacations!
Your LCSC Coaching Staff