Information for the start of the 2021-2022 season

Hello MAC families,

Thank you all for completing your 2021-2022 registration. If you have not completed the registration and are planning on returning this season, please complete before Tuesday August 31st when it closes.

We all look forward to seeing everyone back in the water this week. We have many returning families and many NEW families too. Here are a few things/ reminders as we get started with the new season:

  1. Age Group practices will start September 1st. Please check the calendar often. As of now we will be using all 3 Millard pools. As the season gets going groups will be rotating pools. Please check the calendar often.


  1. Entrances into the buildings:
    1. SOUTH – use Door #6 pool door or South side of the building
    2. NORTH – MAIN entrance into the building off 144th and pacific
    3. WEST – MAIN entrance on EAST side of the building

***The high school parking lots are EXTREMELY busy. Please talk with your swimmer about being SAFE in the parking lot. Have a plan between you and your swimmer on pick up. We do NOT want any swimmers wandering the parking lots looking for their parent’s car.

***PARENTS - please do NOT park in the fire lanes!!!!, watch the ONE WAY lanes in the parking lots. If you are parking your car, please park in a parking stall, NOT the curb.


  1. MAC team Apparel – local business “The Locker Room” – Use the logo link on the website or click here Locker Room


  1. Personalized Caps – Elsmore Swim Shop. Link is the Store tab on website. The window to order will close September 24th. **Alert** the caps will be delivered as a group to the club, do not pay for shipping or choose shipping – this is a little confusing on their website.   Elsmore. This is optional.


  1. Equipment – Elsmore Swim Shop or you can order from other websites such as These are a requirement for each group. Senior group – Coach Bowcott has already communicated with you.


~White group – Dryland clothes (or will sit out), snorkel, fins, board, water bottle, goggles, suit towel

~Gold group – fins, snorkel, board, water bottle, goggles, suits, towel

~Green group - fins, board, water bottle, goggles, suit, towel


  1. Team Parka and bags – Elsmore Swim Shop or you can order from other websites, however you will not be able to get the MAC logo. These are optional.


  1. NO team suit for meets – too many options, too many personal preferences


  1. Meet schedule – Updating meet info as meets get approved. Meets can be found under the EVENTS tab. Coaches will let their groups know which meets to attend.


  1. Group info – coaches will be sending out emails with each group’s expectations, meets, announcements etc


  1. Please remember we are GUEST of Millard Public Schools. Our action as swimmers, as parents reflect on the club as a whole.


  1. USA Swimming Safe Sport Policy – NO one who is not registered with USA swimming is allowed on the deck. NO adults are allowed in the locker rooms at any time. This even means using the restroom during practice times. No other siblings who are not registered with USA swimming are allowed on deck or in the locker rooms (this means no restroom in the locker room either). MAC will NOT be allowing any changing or showering use of the locker rooms until further notice. The locker rooms are only for the swimmers to use for restroom use only!


  1. Do NOT drop off your swimmer any earlier than 5-10 minutes. Coaches are not required to arrive until 15 minutes prior to the start of practice. There will be NO supervision prior to that time and doors could be locked. MAC will not be responsible for anything that occurs before that time.


  1. Please pick up your swimmer within 5-10 minutes at conclusion of practice. Coaches are only required to stay for 15 minutes after practice and they have their own families to go home too. $15 late pick up fees will be applied to your account.


This is a lot of information. Please reread if need too. Any questions, please email the MAC gmail account or ask your group coach AFTER a practice.

Thank you for continuing with MAC or joining MAC for the 2021-2022 season. We are super excited to get things going!!!

MAC – Jamie, Dave, Katherine, Amanda, Tara, Kari, Tess, Morgan, Abby, Erica and David