USA Swimming Updated MAAPP
  USA Swimming has made changes to their Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy.  This is a good thing!  The changes are designed to keep our swimmers safe in a variety of situations that could arise in the sport.  Please be aware that this policy largely overlapped with our previous policies so this is more of an update than it is an overhaul in regards to our team.
  You can find the updated policy HERE.
  Part of this change is that ALL teams in USA Swimming need to distribute this new policy to all of their members and each club is required to collect acknowledgements from their participating member families. Today, September 1st, marks the first day that the new policy takes effect.
  Attached you will find an acknowledgement form.  This form will need to be completed and returned either electronically ([email protected]) or brought to your swimmers first/next practice.
  If you are in the evaluation process it is acceptable to wait to return the form until after you are placed in a group.  However, you are welcome to send in ahead of time (We anticipate being able to place most if not all evaluation swimmers).
  Moving forward the acknowledgement will be tied to registration, but for this first time, because it is new, we thought that it was best to send a message explaining what is happening.
  We are so excited for Evaluation Night next Week!  The first two days of Blue and Bronze this week were awesome as well.  Eval and start of the season emails will be coming this weekend.  Stay RAD everyone!
Radnor Aquatics