Protocols for use of Fairland Aquatics Center

Things are ever changing with respect to COVID-19 precautions, so please stay flexible and informed.

Please note that these restrictions can be lifted or increased at any time in order to remain compliant with government and local regulations.

As of today, the following COVID-19 protocols apply to practice at Fairland. 

  1. Masks required (except when swimming) even in locker rooms
  2. No temp checks will be taken however...If your child doesn't feel well, please stay home!
  3. Enter and exit through the lobby this year: NO USE of the stairs in spectators stands. Enter lobby, turn right and go down the stairs to enter pool deck or to get to locker rooms.
  4. Locker rooms and showers are open however masks must be worn at all times (except showering). Please try to limit use of locker rooms. 
  5. Team manager must keep attendance records for contract tracing, if needed. Please show up on time - if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, please do not come. Please text 240-286-2319 if your swimmer will be absent so we can mark absent. 
  6. We are limited to 6 athletes per lane. You must attend on the nights you are registered. In most cases, there is no flexibility. If you come on a different night, your swimmer may not be allowed to swim if the # of athletes will exceed 6 in that lane.
  7. There is very limited seating in specator stands maybe only 30 spots. While you have every right to stay and watch practice, we are suggesting parents try to limit their observation sessions to allow other parents an opportunity to watch practice. Work among yourselves please, to keep the numbers down. If Fairland feels there are too many people in the stands, they are coming to get the coaches and thus taking us away from coaching your children.
  8. A Waiver must be signed by the parent on behalf of the children participating in our practice. You must print this waiver and hand it in to me or your child's coach on the first day of practice. This waiver will be sent by email to the log in email for your MSSC account.