Michael Memorial Meet @ Midtown Weston, 9/10-11

PST Entry - Updated 9/9

Psych Sheet - Updated 9/9

Friday Heat Sheet with Timeline

Saturday Heat Sheet with Timeline


Events 1-40 Friday, September 10 - Warm Up @ 3:30pm

Events 41-80 Saturday September 11 - Warm Up @ 8am

This meet is at the Midtown Weston Athletics Club in Weston. The address is 2300 Royal Palm Blvd., Weston, FL 33326


Team tent set up will start at 2:30 pm am on Friday, only team tents will be allowed on deck, no individual or personal tents will be allowed on deck.


We will be having a close deck meet, with a designated area where only swimmers, coaches and volunteers are allowed.


During the competition you will be able to access the meets latest information on our teams website, once there click on


Please read the following guidelines carefully

  • Arrival: When arriving,  please drop your swimmer off as quickly as you can in front  of the Main Entrance to not make  traffic.  Parents will not be allowed    to exit the vehicle for any reason. The venue will not be open to spectators. 
  • Entrance: Going  up stairs, please wear your masks inside the building. Volunteers will guide the swimmers until the pool deck.
  • Concession: Swimmers can buy food and beverage at the cafeteria.
  • Hospitality: Will be at the cafeteria area upstairs.
  • Pop Up Tents: Due to the limitation with the locker rooms, please bring your team pop up tents.
  • Mask: Swimmers must keep the masks on inside the building. (Entrance, Locker Rooms and Cafeteria) 
  • Chairs: All athletes must bring their own chairs. There will not be any bleachers.
  • Shower: There will be no shower usage.  
  • Swimmers Locker Rooms: There will be one Family Locker room open for boys and girls. Locker room usage will be limited to 4 athletes at a time. Also, we have a designed other Bathroom at the Cafeteria. 
  • Swimmers Bathroom: We have designed another Bathroom at the Cafeteria. The venue bathrooms are not exclusively for the swim meet usage and are shared with other activities and club members. We kindly ask to be as quickly as possible and don't socialize while using it. Bathrooms will be sanitized each night. There will be volunteers stationed outside of the door to make sure this happens.  
  • Officials and Coaches Bathroom: We have a designed Bathroom for coaches and officials at the GYM area. 
  • If there is lightning, the team will go to a designated area. 
  • Livestream: Events will be live streamed. Please visit our Instagram account @mwaswimming  for the live stream.