Silver Otters Shuts Down


To our WRMS families and friends

Thank you for your support and patience over the past 3 weeks as we have tried to navigate the future of W Ross Macdonald Swimming.  As previously mentioned, our coach Kris Sanders has left us to pursue another coaching opportunity.  Kris did a tremendous job coaching this past season; albeit a limited one due to Covid, as he continued to foster the unique WRMS culture we have all become accustomed to. Kris seemed to be a good fit with the team as he filled the huge void left by our founding Coach, Mike Finch, upon his retirement.

The past year has been hard on our team.  We have seen several senior swimmers pursue post-secondary education and some swimmers not return to the pool due to covid. Our access to pool time due to Covid has infringed on our ability to recruit junior swimmers and we have seen our membership decline along with forecasted revenue.  This has resulted in a financial position that makes recruiting a new coach (within a very short time frame) very difficult. As we look forward a few months, we realize, without significant growth, we just don’t have adequate funds to hire a replacement coach in good conscience.

 W Ross Macdonald Swimming is a unique and special swim team that requires a coach with similar qualities, and although we would all like it to continue as it was, unfortunately this is not possible.  It seems that an era has come to an end.  We apologize for such short notice before the 2021/22 season was to begin, but we were investigating all avenues available to keep WRMS afloat.  We will not be running a team for the 2021-2022 swim season. 

We have spoken with Paul Armstrong, the head coach of the Brantford Aquatic Club and informed him of our club’s situation, as well as our club’s philosophy towards swimming.  Paul has offered to help us out any way he can.  We all know competitive swimming is a very tough sport that offers many individual rewards, and our hope is that our WRMS Silver Otters swimmers will continue pursuing their love of swimming with another team.  Our suggestion would be to contact Paul at BAC and inquire about openings in their program. 

Families were recently sent an email regarding the status of your accounts.  As we are balancing our books, we encourage all members with outstanding balances to please settle your account as soon as possible and those with credits will receive their funds shortly.

Best wishes to all of the wonderful families we have been so fortunate to meet and know over the years. We hope that the friendships gained within our family continue long into the future. 

Sincerely yours,

W Ross Macdonald Swimming Board of Directors