NAAC 2021-22 Season & Group Meetings

NAAC 2021-22 Season & Group Meetings


We are looking forward to the new swim season, with all groups in the water the week of Sept 7th!  

We have our New Team Family Meeting and Group Meetings set to start off our season as below.  We host these meetings after the start of our season so that all of our Team Families can get their bearings on the start of practices, and then we can go over any additional practice questions, meet details, and all other items for your Swimmer and your Family to have a successful season. 

The New Team Family Meeting is HIGHLY SUGGESTED for all New Team Family Parents, and the Group Meetings are REQUIRED to have at least one parent of swimmer per group as we will also go over and sign all Code of Conduct and MAAPP acknowledgements.  These meetings are all now posted to our Team Calendar as well.


Our NAAC 2021-22 Season NEW Team Family Meeting to go over all Team & Season details is this coming Sunday, Sept 12 at 11am in the NAHS Weight Room.


2021-22 Season Group Meetings are as follow:

  • Elite Sat Sept 11 in the pool area at 10:30am (after practice)
  • Kahuna Sun Sept 12 in the weight room at 10am (after practice)
  • Bombora Sun Sept 12 in the weight room at noon (after practice)
  • Ripple & Breaker Sat Sept 18 between practices in the pool area 4:30-5:30pm

All others Group Meetings are before practices in the weight room on Sunday Sept 19

  • Hurricane 11-11:45am
  • Tsunami 12-12:45pm
  • Wave 1-1:45pm