Diving Week 1


Hello Bengal Diving Families, 


I am so excited to start the season tomorrow! As many of you and some may not, I have a new job I started 2 weeks ago. This is going to slightly affect our practice time as it is not as flexible as when I was working with the school. My current plan (subject to change) is to run our diving practices from 4:00 to 6:00pm. I would like the girls there at 3:30pm to start stretching / dryland and getting mentally ready to dive, so that we can get on the boards right at 4:00pm when I get to the pool.  Please pass this on to any new divers you know joining


Here is a list of things they should have for practice everyday

  • Shorts - for dryland 

  • Chamois Towel - for drying off between dives

  • Water Bottle - Individual one, they are sweating they just don't know it!

  • Towel - sometimes the pool deck is cold 

  • Can do attitude 


The girls will have this schedule all week (Mon - Fri), we will not be having practice this Saturday for divers. But as always please stay tuned for possible changes in the schedule. 


Let me know if you have any questions

Your Friendly neighborhood diving coach,


Nick Johnson

Blaine Girls High School Diving Coach

Blaine Boys High School Co-Head Swim and Dive Coach

[email protected]

(763) 228-1883