Week 2 - Fueling your Minds and Bodies

Happy Sunday Bengal Families! 

Ww had a FANTASTIC first week back in the water! I am so grateful to have such an amazing group of athletes who were so responsive, thoughtful and enegaged in their training. 

Last week we talked about the importance of forming GREAT habits and encouraged athletes to focus on what they want to have happen at the end of the season. I hope your athletes talked to you about what habits they have formed this week and if not I encourage you to ask them! We want to keep those habits moving forward to help us have a great season.

This week we will continue those great habits and talk about athletes FUELING their bodies and minds! With foods that fuel and content that fuels them.

Before I dig too deep into this I want to be clear about what I mean around fueling your body. These athletes are training up to 3 hours a day and we want them to be able to perform and recover at their best. We want them to be healthy inside and out. This does not mean dieting it means fueling their minds and bodies to perform at their best.

Fueling their bodies and minds means including and focusing on the foods that help with muscle performance and repair as well as mental clarity. It means eliminating foods that detract from recovery and performance. We do not want atheltes to eliminate any food groups! We want them to keep their bodies and minds fueled for success.

We also want them to fuel their minds with a P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude). We want athletes to be fueling their minds with encouragement, truth, thoughtfullness and positive thoughts. We don't want them to fuel their minds with thoughts and chatter that deters from their positive. We encourage athletes to find the things that build their self esteem, build their confidence and help them thrive. 

So what does fueling their bodies and minds look like? It means eating the right amount of the right foods for your athlete to perform at their best. This means eating enough protien, the right carbs, fruits, veggies and healthy fats to keep them fueld at practice, fueld at meets and able to recover quickly for another day of training. It means journaling, stretching and taking care of their mental health in order to perform at their best. It means journaling, listening to music, stretching, dancing and letting go of stress. 

When it comes to fueling their bodies and minds the best thing athletes can do is be prepared! I know that after a full day of work and coaching, if I am not prepared with dinner ahead of time it is very hard for me to make choices that fuel my body. Spending part of Saturday or Sunday chopping fruits and veggies will allow athletes to have something to bridge the gap between practice and dinner or after school and practice. I encourage the AHLETES to be the ones to chop those fruits and veggies for the entire family so everyone can benifit from the season! 

We also want to think about portions. This week in forming great habits we talked about using the tools around us as indicators for the habits we want to form. Using their hands as a measuring tool tends to be a great way for them to get everything they need on their plates. A full hand of veggies and protien (chicken, pork, fish) and a palm of fruit, carbs and red meat (steak, burgers, etc.) is a good guideline to start with. If they are still hungry, adding more protien and veggies first is a great way to let their stomachs settle so they can really know if they are still hungry or just need time to digest. 

Athletes should always have something in their stomachs before practice including saturday morning practices which means they are going to need to get up more than 12 minutes before practice starts. For meets they can find what works for them and when to eat their sandwhich or snacks but they do not need an excessive amount of food. Having a "snack box" that they have packed and pick out of with protiens, crackers, cheese, fruits and veggies is a great option for a meet day. We want athltes at meets to have a focus outside of just scores and times we want them to find ways to see their success in big and small ways. 

Eliminating things like pop. candy, sweets, highly processed foods and double portions will help them reach their goals throughout the season. Pop doesn't actually fuel them and makes it harder for their muscles to recover so if they haven't yet, thats a great first habit to kick! Muting social media accounts that detract from their PMA and stretching before bed are also great ways for atheltes to ensure they are fueling their bodies and minds for the season. 

Again, we do not want athletes cutting out any food group unless perscribed by their doctor. We want them to be fueled, clear minded and ready for success! 

Water is another key to fueling their bodies. Athletes need to be drinking enough water to allow their muscles to recover, their brains to be fully functioning and keeps them at their best. Water is an extremly important part of their training. 

Updates This Week:

Conference Relays - Our first meet is on Thursday and we are hosting! The volunteer sign ups will be out later this week. Please sign up to help us run a fantastic event. I will send more information regarding the meet later this week

Practices This WeekOur team meetings this week will be on Monday and Wednesday. Varsity Athletes should expect to practice until 4:45pm Tuesday and Friday. JV atheltes should plan on arriving at 4:15 on Monday and Wednesday, 4:30 on Tuesday and Friday. 

Schedule For This Week

Monday: Varsity Practice 2:15 - 4:45 JV Practice 4:15-6:00pm
Tuesday: Varsity Practice 2:15 - 4:45 JV Practice 4:30-6:00pm 
Wednesday: Varsity Practice 2:15 - 4:45 JV Practice 4:15-6:00pm 
Thursday: Home Meet - Conference Relays - Meet Starts at 5pm! Athletes should be at the pool by 2:30pm 
Friday: Varsity Practice 2:15 - 4:45 JV Practice 4:30-6:00pm  
Saturday: Practice 7:30 - 9:30am 

Looking forward to an amazing week 2! If you have any questions please let me know! 

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving
[email protected]

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