Week 3 - Goal Setting

Happy Sunday Bengal Families!!

Here we are at week 3! What an exciting first two weeks! We WON conference relays and the athletes did a fantastic job of supporting each other! My ears were still ringing when I got home and I am so proud of how well our new athletes did at the meet. I am so proud and excited for this team to continue to improve and to have our divers back with us on Thursday! 

As we move into week 3, athletes have started forming great habits in and out of the pool that are going to help them succeed and help us succeed as a team. We've talked about fueling our bodies and minds so we are READY to succeed. This week we are going to talk about Goal Setting

As a Bengal team, we will be setting team goals for the season. What do we want to accomplish as a team? How as a group will we know we've been successful? What positive things can we accomplish as a group? What are we committing to as a team to reach those goals?

Athletes will also be setting goals as individuals. I firmly believe that when we are focused as a team on reaching our goals the individual goals will follow. We want both sets of goals to S.M.A.R.T. Sepcific,  Measurable, Attainable,  Relevant, Time bound. 

The season takes care of the Time Bound and we are back to a full year and schedule! With two weeks already gone we need to stay focused on the details that lead to success. "I want to do well this season" is a good start of an idea but how do we make that into a S.M.A.R.T. goal? Your athlete has received a goal sheet and I would like them returned on Monday. We would like them to define what their individual goals are for the season both short term and long term. I've also attached it to this email. Their individual goals fuel our goals as a team and will help us ALL to be successful.

We talk to the athletes about owning their training which means they need to put in the work in order to reach their goals. Our coaching staff a also talks a lot about this being a partnership with your athletes! We are dedicated to their success and want to work closely with them to reach their goals for the season! This means we need your athletes to be in conversation with us about what their goals are and how our training impacts their goals. We can write the sets and give feedback on their dives but we cannot perform for them. 

I've also attached some links to dryland athletes can do outside of practice to get stronger and hit their goals. We fully believe in safely stretching so athletes get maximum recovery and performance out of their muscles. We also want to give athletes as many tools as possible to reach their goals. 

I encourage you to talk to your athlete this week and throughout the season about their goals. What do they want to accomplish? How can you challenge them a little bit to stretch out of their comfort zone? How are they motivated? Athletes should make their goals visible in their rooms, on their mirrors and in their lockers. We will check in with their goals throughout the season to see progress and how we can work together to accomplish them. Encourage them to talk to us coaches about their goals as well to keep the partnership strong. 

All of the coaches will also be creating SMART goals for the season and they will be posted in the swim office for our team to hold us accountable! 

Updates This Week:

Home vs. Osseo - Our first regular meet is on Thursday and we are hosting! The volunteer sign ups will be out later this week. Please sign up to help us run a fantastic meet. I will send out athlete arrival times later this week

Practices This WeekOur team meetings this week will be on Monday and Wednesday. Varsity Athletes should expect to practice until 4:45pm Tuesday and Friday. JV athletes should plan on arriving at 4:15 on Monday and Wednesday, 4:30 on Tuesday and Friday. 

Schedule For This Week

Monday: Varsity Practice 2:15 - 4:45 JV Practice 4:15-6:00pm
Tuesday: Varsity Practice 2:15 - 4:45 JV Practice 4:30-6:00pm 
Wednesday: Varsity Practice 2:15 - 4:45 JV Practice 4:15-6:00pm 
Thursday: Home Meet vs. Osseo - Meet Starts at 6pm! 
Friday: Varsity Practice 2:15 - 4:45 JV Practice 4:30-6:00pm  
Saturday: Practice 7:30 - 9:30am Varsity Only 

We feel so luck to coach such a fantastic group of atheltes and can't wait for another week of fun! 

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving
[email protected]