Week 4 - Managing Stress and Anxiety
Week 4 - Managing Stress and Anxiety

Happy Sunday  Bengal Families! 

I hope you are having a relaxing and restful Labor Day weekend that allows you to prepare for the first week of school! Last week we had an awesome (undefeated) week and truly incredible training. I am so proud of this team and can’t wait to see all of the accomplishments we have this season. There is a lot happening to please make sure to read the whole email! 

We are already 1/4 of the way through the season and we have our great habits formed, our goals set, we know how the importance of fueling our bodies and minds. Now it's time to talk about managing stress. If 2020 has taught us anything it is managing stress and anxiety are a key part of having a successful year. We want athletes to go into this next chapter of the season with all the tools they can to help manage stress and anxiety.  

We know that stress and anxiety are apart of life so we want to learn manage it so well so we can keep driving toward our goals. One great thing that helps manage stress is having a  PLAN! Having a plan for when they will wake up, what their day looks like, when they will eat dinner, when they will relax and do their homework. Even if they don't need all of the homework time, they have it scheduled just in case.

During our very short season, their social lives may revolve around the team, and that is ok! Being  disciplined is a skill that will help them to have a successful school year after the season ends. Journaling is another great way to manage stress by getting it down on paper instead of carrying it around in their bodies. Stretching can help release tension. Eating healthy foods that fuel their bodies, having a positive mental attitude, speaking with a trusted friend or adult and laughing are all ways to help manage stress and anxiety. We as coaches talk a lot about being a details team which is another way of saying what my therapist says to me quite a bit: Control what you can control!

These athletes have rigorous schedules, so it is also important that they are getting rest. Pulling all-nighters and getting less then 8 hours of sleep does not set them up for success.  Rest is part of training, so it is critical they are getting enough sleep throughout the week. This also means if they are sick, they MUST stay home! We want them to train when they are healthy and with all of the germs about to be entered into the equation with school, it’s critical that if they are sick, they stay home, rest up, get covid tested and come back to us at full strength ready to train!

We want  healthy ways to manage stress when things get chaotic. We want them to feel empowered, positive, and confident in their abilities. I suggest they avoid things like binge watching Netflix with a bag of Cheetos (speaking from experience) or endlessly scrolling Instagram. We will talk more with athletes about healthy ways to manage stress throughout the week including the patience pitcher and language they can use to help express their stress.

Updates This Week

Chipotle Fundraiser TUESDAY! - Tell your friends, family, co-workers, anyone you meet that lives in Blaine that we are having a fundraiser for Blaine Swim and Dive. Just make sure mention Blaine Swimming and Diving at  You can order online to avoid the line but make sure you click Promo and use code MRH388J at check out.

Shuttle Buses – There will be a shuttle bus from BHS and from Roosevelt Middle School. The Shuttle bus schedule will run their regular routes then drop swimmers off at Northdale. It is my understanding that masks are required on Athletes should stay on the bus until they get dropped off at Northdale. JV Athletes can spend time doing their homework and stretching prior to practice. They will be able to leave their gear bags at the pool moving forward. Locker rooms will be available on a limited basis to change into their suits after school. We are asking athletes to still leave in their suits while the weather cooperates.

Away vs. Rogers – We have our first away meet this week against Rogers at Vandenberg Middle School. The Spectators will be allowed, and parents can take their athletes home after the meet but they must sign them out to ensure we don’t lose anybody. Since this is our first away meet here is a list of things athletes should pack for the meet.
- 2 Caps
- 2 pairs of goggles
- Swimsuit (non-tieback suit)
- Water bottle
- Healthy Snacks
- 2 towels


Bengal Invite - Saturday we are hosting Bengal Invite! This is a Varsity Only meet based on the limited number of entries I am allowed to have. Still we need volunteers! Please look for volunteer openings later this week. Swimmers in the meet are expected to support our divers and should arrive at the pool at 9am. More information will be communicated to athletes this week. 

Schedule This Week: 

Monday:  NO PRACTICE - Labor Day athletes should stretch and move their bodies 
Tuesday: Varsity Practice 2:45-4:30 JV Practice 4:30-6:00
Wednesday: Varsity Practice 2:45-4:30 JV Practice 4:30-6:00
Thursday:  Away vs. Rogers – Bus leaves Northdale at 3:45pm  
Friday: Varsity Practice 3:00-4:45 JV Practice 4:45-6:00
Saturday:  Bengal Invite - Diving starts at 9am Swimming starts at 1pm


Looking forward to another amazing week as a Bengal. Let me know what questions you have.

Kristen Luedtke
Head Coach - Blaine Girls Swimming and Diving
[email protected]