Daves notes

Practice Time changes start today. . . Hopefully you all had an eye on the schedule and have been aware that a few practice time changes are starting today. Our practice calendar can always be found under the schedule tab on the website.

Parent meeting on Thursday at 5:45: Hopefully you noticed the parent meeting on the practice calendar that was posted on Aug 26th. If you can make it to the pool on Thursday, please join us for a parent meeting. Topics that will be covered: practice times, meet schedules, usa swimming registrations, MAAPP 2.0, Swim-O-Rama, and more.

Maapp 2.0: There are still a number of swim families that need to read and acknowledge they have received and read the MAAPP 2.0 policy. It stands for Minor athlete abuse prevention policy. USA Swimming requires  that every family receives / reads/ and acknowledges they read it. . . and every team needs to keep copies of annual acknowledgement.

Here's the MAAPP 2.0 policy

Here's the acknowledgement letter word format(docx)    pdf format  -- please sign one and return to: [email protected].

Swim-O-Rama: I had been waiting the last 10 days to see if we could secure the Granite Hills pool for our Swi-O-Rama. Unfortunately due to chlorine shortages and politics.....I was told today we could not use Granite Hills. We will, however be able to use Helix HS.

Every year besides the dues we collect, we also need to raise funds to keep CAST going. This year we have had  shortfalls due to lower numbers of swimmers (although those numbers have been on the rise for the last 3 months and are in a good place right now). We also missed out on being able to run any swim meets, which has been a source of revenue in the past.

Last year due to COVID we did not run our Swim-O-Rama fundraiser, and it is time, and we have some bills to pay. So we're going to run it on September 18th with funds due by the 30th.

Levels 3-4-5 will swim from 7:15 to 8:45 am Sept 18th. at Helix HS

All other levels will swim from 8:45 to 10:15 am Sept 18th at Helix HS

Make-up day will be Wednesday Sept. 22 at Kroc ctr (level 3-4-5 during their practice time. all other levels.

I will have an actual event page up on the website by tomorrow. The Swim-O-Rama fundraiser is required for all swimmers/families, although it is optional if you joined after June 15th this year. Families with 1 swimmer have a $200 minimum and with 2 or more swimmers have a $300 minimum. There are prizes for all who participate.

Information letter


Sponsor Sheet

Letter to solicit donations from friends family and businesses

Hope to see you all at the parent meeting on the 9th.

Coach Dave