Weekly Email!

Hello Swim Families!

So, we had a great first week of practice this week! It has been great seeing some familiar faces as well as getting to know some new faces!

I do plan to send a weekly email out and my goal for this season is to improve communication- so hold me to it!

I am leaving in the morning for Carmel, Indiana (north of Indianapolis) for a coaches swim clinic that I am super excited about. SO DO NOT FORGET- NO PRACTICE TIL MONDAY!

If you ever have any question if you are missing any of my emails, You can go to the teams website:, and you will see the emails published under the NEWS tab!

The first bit of "news" is that I mentioned the first swim meet was scheduled on the 25th of September at the South County YMCA. I heard back from their coach and they are re-scheduling it due to a scheduling conflict. When I get that new date, I will let you know ASAP! But it looks like that day we will NOT have a meet. Honestly- I wouldn't mind a little bit longer to prepare for the meet anyway!

Other news is that if you are on Instagram, you can check out the team's new account. I will put on there some fun stuff from practice and small updates from time to time. It is Wildwood.Waves and I think you should be able to find it pretty easy. I got a great video of a start drill that Sharks did this afternoon... that was fun!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns at any time. 

Coach Angie