2021 Winter swim begins

2021-2022 Winter Swim Season Begins this Sunday 

Hello, Sharks families.

Hope you've let go of our fabulous summer and have eased into the fall season. For some of you, this means club swimming hasl started or you're thinking about high school swim season. For over 20 of you, it means CHASE CLUB WINTER SWIM PROGRAM!

On Sunday nights (starting 9/12/21) from 6-7pm, these pre-registered families will attend weekly swim clinic with our coaching staff to practice strokes they've not yet learned, work on starts and flip turns while improving endurance and times for all strokes. GOOD NEWS...all of our junior coaches will be assisting throughout the season with some Chase Club Sharks special guests to lead specific stroke clinics. Thank you also to Heather McLeish and Heather Palazzo for volunteering to be the winter swim parent representatives.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Donald Tucker to oversee this season's winter swim program. In addition to working in the finance field, Coach Don, a 26-year-old graduate from Clemson University, also currently works as a Gold level coach at Nation's Capital Swim Club (NCAP), the country's premier year round swim club.

Coach Tucker has been a part of the Chase Club Sharks family for a long time. Joining at the young age of 7, Don quickly became a force on the team and then later the league by winning 3 individual first place medals at CSL All-Stars as an 8-year-old, (setting 3 team records in the process). Don continued his summer swimming life with us through the age of 18 at which point he transitioned to the coaching side of the team. He spent his high school years at Bishop O'Connell in Arlington where he set numerous records as a swim team captain. 

Coach Tucker considers himself to be a short-axis expert (Breaststroke and Butterfly) and all-around solid stroke technician. Don acquired his coaching skills by moving up the Chase Club coaching ranks, first as a little flippers coach, then as an assistant coach, and lastly an assistant head coach building his experience coaching kids of all ages. Don is a highly competitive and yet fun individual; he will work his hardest to make sure that our athletes are training to their potential while also keeping the mood fresh and fun.

He looks forward to getting to know our athletes as well as helping them bloom into better swimmers.

Go Sharks,

Tracy Mason
Team Rep