Aulea Weekly Update


Aloha all,

Let's keep working hard everyone! 3 weeks out from our first meet!

Team shirt and suit distribution is coming up soon (waiting on shirt order) and hopefully we will have our competition schedule finalized very soon as I mentioned above.

Here is the schedule for the week.

Intro I: M/W (4:00-4:40), Sat (3:00-4:00); ALL AT KOKOKAHI

Intro II: M/W (4:40-5:20), Sat (3:00-4:00) ALL AT KOKOKAHI

Bronze: M/W (5:20-6:30 at Kokokahi); Thursday (5:00-6:00 at District Park), Saturday (1:00-2:00 at Kokokahi)

Silver: M/W/F (5:30-6:45 at District Park); Saturday (2:00-3:00 at Kokokahi)

Gold: M/T/W/F (5:15-6:45 at District Park)

Junior: M//W/TH/F (5:10-6:50 at District Park)

Senior/Elite: M-F (5:00-7:00 PM at District Park); Wednesday (5:15-6:05 AM dryland at Barbers Point); Saturday (6:45-9:15 AM at American Renaissance Academy/Barbers Point, swim then dryland)

Happy Streamlines and Go Aulea!

Coach Joe