RAC is Back - Season Kickoff Announcements!

Hello all - first and foremost, a very warm welcome to our new RAC families!  Some of the information below may be repetitive for our returning members but several key reminders and updates so please take the time to read in its entirety.


Fall 2021 Roster

Our Fall 2021 full team roster inclusive of evaluation night results can be found HERE.


Safety Procedures

RAC's safety procedures which are applicable for all practices/meets and all facilities unless or until directed otherwise can be found HERE.


Pool Locations

Directions and facility-specific safety procedures can be found HERE.  Please note spectators are not permitted at any of our current facilities; a coach will receive your swimmers at the pool or facility entrance and monitor group dismissal for each practice.


Practice Schedule

The daily practice schedule page is HERE.



All meets will be posted HERE as we develop our full season offerings.


Lead Contacts

The primary RAC staff contacts by group/topic are below.  Please be on the lookout for subsequent Group Lead email communications with additional information shortly!



RAC's MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy) requires positive confirmation from each swimmer.  Please find the policy form HERE and submit electronically to Coach Jeremy,


We greatly appreciate everyone's flexibility and patience this season!  As a reminder, all email communications can be sent directly to me until Coach Jeremy's return next week.