HOD Meeting Format

Note from General Chair-

Due to the current environmental situation, the South Texas LSC is going to follow the lead of USA Swimming hosting a virtual HOD meeting and will also be conducting the annual South Texas HOD meeting virtually on October 9th.

1) The constantly changing environment of local regulations makes planning for an in person HOD virtually (pun intended) impossible. Rules and regulations are constantly in flux.

2) The latest reports now reveal that wearing a mask does not prevent COVID-19 spread, just slows it down.

3) The latest reports now reveal that vaccinations are not anywhere near the percentage efficiency of what was originally presented as being able to prevent the contraction of Covid-19 though still effective in reducing severity of symptoms.

Taking these current environmental factors into account, the benefit of putting the leadership of South Texas members together at an indoor location for in-person connectivity, even with masks and vaccinations, is outweighed by the risk to our LSC of exposure and possibly becoming a spreader activity with people coming from and returning to a wide variety of locations in Texas.

The bad news is that we will not be meeting in person. The good news is that everyone will save time and money and infected or not, be able to attend. We will use the same highly efficient virtual Zoom meeting format that we used last year. A bonus side effect of the virtual meeting is that we jumped from an average of less than 50% in person attendance to over 90% participation. I would like to see 100% participation on October 9th. 

Chris Kjeldsen
South Texas LSC General Chair