Meet Registration Guidance for New Families


Meet Registration Guidelines:
As the numbers of athletes in our sport continues to grow, it has caused some growing pains. The most evident one is the rate at which meets are filling. In the past teams could send in entries at their leisure knowing that there was room for their swimmers. However, with this growth meets are filling to capacity and are doing so well in advance of the “due date”. The guidelines below are the best solution that we can think of that ensures our team will gain entrance to our desired meets. Every sanctioned meet will have a date to start collecting entries (typically ONE month in advance). To make this as efficient as possible we will ask the following from our patrons:
1. All meets that are listed on the website will “open” for commitment. If you wish to attend that meet, simply log on and select “yes”, even if there are no events listed.
2. When the meet entry file is delivered to our team we will upload this file to our website. At that point we will email all committed members to notify them that they can now select their events and the days they can participate.
3. We will be sending in our entries to the host team upon the start of entries. This will typically be one month prior to the start of the event. Example: Farmington ABC Meet November 22-23, Meet Entries available Oct 20th 8:00 PM
4. After that date, we will re-open the meet for late entries. We will then attempt to add these swimmers at the posted meet due date. An email will be sent if you get in or not. Late swimmers may not take relay spots or events from others that signed up on time.
5. For Storm hosted meets, we will make every effort to get our swimmers in, but if the meet is full we can’t ask other teams to take swimmers out.
6. In the NOTES section, please indicate if your swimmer will be absent during any portion of the meet and unavailable for relays. Coaches select swimmers for relays. Families may select individual events, but coaches may adjust the choices. If you are unsure which events to choose, just write in the Notes section that you prefer your swimmer's coach to select events for you.
We realize this will take a little more planning on your end, but hopefully this will ensure we get into the meets we want to and don’t have to scramble to look for less desirable alternative meets.
Thanks for your help in this!
Your Coaching Staff