Please help with Jonathan Skarie's Medical Expenses!

Early Saturday morning, Jupiter Dragons former member now in FAU College, Jonathan Skarie had an accident at a college apartment pool. Not being aware of the depth of the pool, he dove head first into shallow water, and fractured his C5. He is now in critical condition with a spinal cord injury that could potentially cause further damage and paralyze him. Tomorrow morning he is undergoing a 6 hour surgery to help prevent any more nerve damage or injury. Please help his family compensate for the medical expenses and rehab.

Jonathan Skarie is our team Record holder in 50 Breaststroke Long Course with a time of 30.43 set at the Long Course Senior Champs at Coral Springs on July, 26, 2019.

He is a Very Nice young man!

Please help with Jonathan Skarie's Medical Expenses!

Link to Gofundme page - CLICK HERE

Thank you very much for your support!

Coach K