What’s Up With The Rapids This Week…September 22, 2021

What’s Up With The Rapids This Week…September 22, 2021

smileyThis year we have possibly the best season opening problem a club can have; we have so many new swimmers this year that we are going to have to move some of our returning swimmers up to accommodate all our new Class 1’s and 1.5’s!

For the next couple of weeks we will be shuffling some people around, so as always, stay flexible and bring your extra double helping of patience with you to every practice. This will mostly affect swimmers in Classes 1 through 3, and maybe some Minis. Our Class 4,5,6 group will gain some new 4’s but that won’t change their practice schedule.

Chris will contact you via email if we’d like your child to change their schedule, and we do understand that most of our kids are involved in other activities too, so we’ll make certain they can be accommodated.

(This won’t affect the Masters at all, we are our own little world.)


smileyThe Website is currently defeating my efforts to update the Board of Directors, but in case you need to ask somebody a pertinent question, here they are, the 2021-22 Board …

President           Trish DeMille

Vice President   Tracy McWilliam

Past President   Helena Joubert

Joanna Larson   Secretary

Team Gear         Signi Solmundson

Treasurer and Registrar Kristina Quazilbash         

Fundraising         Renee Pottle

Director                Chris McWilliam

Director                Amy Wakelin

Director                Christine Franes

Director                Suzanne Grace

Director                Daniela Cappelli


[This is not the September Newsletter, that is coming just not quite fast enough -- Cheryl]