Cumming Waves Entry and exit from the CAC

First, thank you to every swimmer and parent that has been following the rules set forth by the CAC facility  and WAVES!


Just in case you need a reminder or if you have  are the RULE  reminders that I just received following a brief meeting with the CAC..


-At NO time should any parent or care giver be entering the back door of the CAC facility.  This entrance/exit is ONLY for swimmers.

-swimmers MUST be dropped off at the CAC back door and picked up at the CAC back door

-parents/care givers MUST drop kids off then enter through the CAC FRONT door and exit through the CAC FRONT 


-at NO time may a WAVES' team swimmer outside of their scheduled practice time be in or using  the CAC pool facility without paying at the front desk OR purchase a season/year pass.  

*Not following facility rules will impact our ability for future  contracts with  the CAC facility.  

Thank you!

Coach  Teresa