PDST October News-Monthly schedule, private lesson, swim meet

Dear PDST Swimmers and Parents,

Below is the news for the coming meet and month.


1. monthly schedule

I've updated the training schedule on the website monthly schedule bar. Please click the link to get the info:

The Yellow highlights are the updates from the previous schedule.The Green highlights are for Pre-Dragons


2. Dryland schedule & instruction

Dryland time updates to 4:00-5:00 pm now. Please do ask your swimmers to attend the dryland which is part of the PDST training activates, especially for the Senior group, Adv1&2, and Reg. Below is the sharing link with all schedule and video demos:


You can find the link on the PDST monthly schedule page as well. Below is the zoom invitation info:

Title: PDST Zoom meeting

ID: 718 681 380

Code: pdst2020


3. Private lesson

The private lesson slots are almost full now. Please follow the date arrangement to show up at the poolside on time if your swimmer has already taken the slot. Please click the link to get the private lesson info:


4. Swim meet

So exciting we are back to the meets! Please notice there will be 3 swim meets in October and all of them are qualities meet(time standard, amount limited, age-limited). The first one  Fall Kick-off swim meet will open to entry soon(coach will decide the qualified swimmers)


5. Pacific Dragons Booster Club

Pacific Dragons Booster Club(PDBC) looks forward to supporting every athlete on PDST – from those new to PDST or the sport of swimming to the seasoned long-time swimmer. We wish you all continued success!

PDBC will send you an email with instructions on how we can donate and make the match-up program(especially you are an employee of MS). However you don't have to wait for the instruction if you've already done the match and donation before, thank you!


Best Regards,

Coach Leon from PDST