Junior Jet Entry/Exit Procedure at H2O
Update on the entry/exit procedures that KAJ junior jet swimmers will be using at the H2O. 
7 & Under - Swimmers need to be escorted through the building and up to the pool deck by a parent or guardian. The KAJ coaches will meet the swimmers on deck for their practice and will be responsible for swimmers until the end of the practice. A parent or guardian needs to meet the coach at the end of practice to take their swimmers out of the facility. Parents and guardians are not allowed to remain on the pool deck during the practice. There are no spectators allowed at the H2O. 
8 & 9 - Swimmers can make their own way through the facility and up to the pool deck with no requirement for a parent or guardian to escort them. The H2O does require that any swimmer that is 9 or under must have a parent or guardian in the facility except during practice time.
10 & Over - Swimmers can make their own way through the facility and up to the pool deck where they will meet their coach. They can follow the same procedures after practice. 
A few general reminders:
- Swimmers should use the bathrooms prior to practice to avoid disruption during the practice
- Swimmers should be on the pool deck 5 minutes prior to the start of their practice to ensure that they can start on time. 
- Swimmers can only access the other facilities in the H2O before or after practice if they have a membership with the H2O. This includes the hot tub, wave pool and waterslides.