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Marlins Butterbraid Fundraiser

Marlins Swim Team Butterbraid Fundraiser

All registered Practice and Competition Team should have recieved an email today with a link to their Butterbraid Fundraiser online link.  SOME of YOU like to start SELLING EARLY so here is your chance! The paper forms sould be in next week.  If you didn't recieve a link to your online store please let me know.  It is a bit early since the orders will not arrive until December 10th at about 4pm.  (PLEASE mark this on your calendars as you MUST be able to pick up your order on this day or have someone else pick up your order.) NO orders ship directly, they all have to be picked up by seller and delivered.

This is an optional fundraiser, however 1/2 of the funds earned off of each order go directly to benefit YOUR swimmer(s) for meet fees, booster club fees or monthly fees.  The more you raise, they less you pay out of pocket.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  If you would like to be taken off the online fundraiser please let me know also.

Thanks!  Chrissie Isaacs, Marlins Team Manager