PNS communication about Oct 23-24th swim meet at KCAC

PDST will open the meet entry for this swim meet today!!!

Dear PNS teams:

We are excited about a return to meets at WKCAC in October with our modified October Challenge series.   Like with anything getting off the ground, we need to make some changes to ensure these meets are successful.  THANK YOU and your families SO MUCH for all the patience and understanding.   

  1. We are choosing to max out the number of athletes we can have in a session so there will be no spectators.   There will be volunteer opportunities with timing and to help supervise athletes in the stands. Look for more information after entries close from the host team.  Our athlete limit is just under 300 per session.   
  2. Due to facility restriction (capacity and timing), we need to change the 15 and over time standard to Gold for the meet.   Should there be space once initial entries are processed, the host team will reach out for teams to open entries for 15 & over swimmers that meet the silver time standard on a first come first serve basis.   
  3. Should entries exceed our max session capacity and cannot be solved by making adjustments within the meet, priority will be given to “Gold” qualifiers in each age group.   
  4. PLEASE get your entries in early!!   The sooner entries are in, the easier it will be to pivot with our session counts.  New adjusted files are on the PNS website that include the new 15 and over standards.   
  5. PLEASE pay attention to communication from the meet host and pass along EVERYTHING to your families. It is vital that our swim community works together to ensure these meets are safe and successful!