More Officials training clinics on the schedule!

Swimming is always in need of officials to run fair and equitable competitions. Swim team parents like you step up to help out in a big way. More training clinics are being offered. Here is the link to check out the dates and register

Stroke and Turn is the entry level for being by the pool side -one you have seen if you are familiair with sumemr swimming. Hytek (computer data entry) is the entry level for the table postions. The Hytek or the Timing Console clinics can be taken online at your own convenience after you register for it.

Once you have a clinic done, if you think this is for you, please follow the instructions from the clinic to become registered with USA Swimming, initiate a background check and take the athlete protection training course.

You will be providing invaluable support to your team as well as benefit of seeing your child swim especially during this "no spectators" COVID time.

Please consider it and ask me if you have any questions.