This email is to provide information about our re-entry into RHS.  In the interest of making sure that everyone is on the same page we have produced a document and video to help people understand the new entry and exit procedures at RHS.
  In addition to the material below you can also find the October Monthly Calendar HERE.  Please note that while most practices are now at RHS there are still some practices at VFMA and SLMS. Please make sure you are checking the schedule regularly. 
  PLEASE TAKE TIME TO REVIEW ALL  MATERIALS LISTED BELOW PRIOR TO MONDAY 10/4.  (practice on 10/2 and 10/3 are still at vfma) 
  - Attached you will find a PDF document of the procedure.  This can also be found on the website HERE.
  - HERE is a link to a video slideshow of the procedures.
  For Context please understand that RHS is still under significant construction.  It is EXTREMELY important that we follow this plan precisely.  Below is a pic of the football field so that you understand what we are still dealing with.  We are very lucky to be gaining access at this time.
  With all of this in mind it is going to be extremely important that you arrive on time for practice!  Swimmers that arrive late will not be able to participate. Please make sure you refer to the safety material for more information!