Sunnyvale Meet Oct 23&24 Open


SOLO Aquatics will be attending this as our first official meet for the 2021-22 swim season.

This meet does not have the best offering for events for a first ever meet.

All swimmers are welcome to attend.

Please email Coach Tom if your interested in attending for help with the sign ups: [email protected]

I was hoping we would catch a break on changes to the meet but here is what we have:

SWUM IN The Afternoon Session usually @1 start

8/under   Sat 50bk, 25 fly, 50 fr  OR  Sun 25 fr25 br, 100IM

9-10  Sat  100 bk, 50 fly, 50 fr, 500 fr   OR    Sun 100 fr, 50 bk, 100 br & 100 IM

11-12 Boys Afternoon Session   Events listed below same as girls

MORNING Session warm up at 7:30 Meet starts at 8:30

Girls Morning Session

Sat 200bk, 100 br100 fr, 400 IM    &   Sun 50 bk, 200 fly, 100 IM, 200 fr


Sat 100 bk, 200 br, 50 fr, 500 fr   &   Sun  200 fr, 100 fly, 100 fr200 IM

The is the actual entry site to enter swimmers,

it can be a little much to figure out the USA Swimmer Reg Number, Events, and Enter Times!