October SHARK BITES! Little Nibbles of Important Information!


(Little Nibbles of Important Information)

  • SHARK and Halloween Costume Races on Friday, October 22nd! Our Annual SHARK and Halloween Costume RACES will be on Friday, October 22nd! The warm-up is 5:00 pm and we’ll Start at 5:30 pm. Please watch for the sign-up announcement later this month! Start getting your “water durable” costumes ready for the return of this exciting “not-to-miss” annual event! Details will be in the RACES announcement! Unfortunately, we are unable to restart our after races picnic yet!
  • Our ”Fall Back” Schedule Starts on Monday, November 1st!!! We return to our regular practice and lesson schedule on Monday, November 1st! All CE Classes (Angel, Leopard, Sand & Bull SHARKS) after 5:00 pm remain the same! Blue SHARKS will return to their M/W & T/Th 5:30-6:30 & 6:30-7:30 pm times. The Great White SHARKS will return to their 3:30 pm start and Dusky/Hammerhead SHARKS practice 7:30-8:30 pm. Tiger SHARKS practice is TBA!
  • Additional Earlier Angel and Leopard SHARKS Classes opening! Starting on November 1st with our “Fall Back” schedule, we will be bringing back our 3:30, 4:00, & 4:30 Angel & Leopard SHARKS classes on M/W & T/Th! If you’d like your Angel or Leopard swimmer(s) to move to one of these earlier classes, please email Coach Shirley ([email protected]) by Wednesday, October 15th to request a possible change!
  • The water temperature is kept at a minimum of 84 degrees throughout the winter! On those rare occasions when we do have very cold air days, we will provide “Cold Weather Make-up” Days for our Angel and Leopard SHARKS!
  • UPDATED Remind App – for Lesson & Practice Status for Weather!
    • We’ve UPDATED our Lesson/Practice Weather Status REMIND App! FIRST: PLEASE DELETE ALL PREVIOUS AquaKids REMIND APP GROUPS! We will make a status decision on each practice or lesson 30 minutes prior to the start time. If we cancel a lesson or practice, we will send it out on the REMIND App and you will be informed of your lesson OR practice cancellation! PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY REMIND TEXTS OR SEND A TEXT TO US THROUGH THE REMIND APP! If you do not receive a text canceling your lesson or practice, it is still ON! Of course, with our Florida weather & FAST moving storms, we may still have to cancel due to a weather situation! We do conduct lessons and practices in the rain and cancel for lightning!
    • You can join by downloading the REMIND App and then text your group’s remind code (listed below) 81010 OR go to https://www.remind.com/join/”put your group’s code from below here
    • AquaKids CE Lesson / Team Practice Remind App Classes:
      • CE (Angel, Leopard & Sand SHARKS) Monday/Wednesday:      @aquakidsmw
      • CE (Angel, Leopard & Sand SHARKS) Tuesday/Thursday:           @aquakidstr
      • All Bull and Blue SHARKS:                                                                @aquakidsbb
      • Tiger SHARKS:                                                                                 @aquakidstg
      • Hammerhead/Dusky SHARKS:                                                          @aquakidshd
      • Mako SHARKS:                                                                            @aquakidsmk
      • Great White SHARKS:                                                                       @aquakidsgw
      • Basking/Whale SHARKS (Masters/Adults):                                      @aquakidsms
  • Billing/Invoice Procedure:
    • Full payment on your account is due on the 1st of each month! 
    • Your monthly payment guarantees your spot in our Program! If payment is not received, the spot will be given to a swimmer on our large waiting list.
    • Your official Invoices are available on the 1st of every month by signing into your online account! Your invoice includes all payments received through at least the 25th of the previous month! If you paid after the 5th of the previous month, the late charge was automatically added to your account! If you have any questions regarding your balance, please see Coach Shirley at the pool OR email her at: [email protected]
    • Autopay system charges on the 1st of each month! If you registered for autopay on the 1st or after, your account will not receive the credit and you must bring (or mail) payment!
    • AS ALWAYS, you are REQUIRED to notify us IN WRITING by the 25th of the PRIOR month if you are not going to be swimming in any given month! Please use the "Contact us" page at aksharks.com by the 25th of the month to notify us in writing! If you are on auto-pay, you absolutely MUST notify us by the 25th of the PRIOR month (before the auto-pay process begins)!!!
    • Please take advantage of our auto-pay methods! See our website for details!

All our Continuing Education (“CE”) and Swim Team (AquaKids SHARKS) groups have SHARK names.

    • ANGEL SHARKS are Coach Kevin’s groups that operate in the shallow end of lane 6!
    • LEOPARD SHARKS are Coach Sara's groups run in lane 6 at the flags in the shallow end!
    • SAND SHARKS are Coach Louann’s groups who start from the starting block end of lane 6!
    • BULL SHARKS are Coach Garrett’s groups that swim in Lane 1 (closet to the bleachers)!
    • BLUE SHARKS are Coach Noah’s groups who usually swim in Lane 2!
    • TIGER SHARKS are Coach Issy’s group who usually practice in Lane 5!
    • MAKO SHARKS are Coach Issy’s group who practice usually in Lanes 3, 4, & 5!
    • HAMMERHEAD & DUSKY SHARKS swim with Coaches Issy and Noah in Lanes 1-5!
    • GREAT WHITE SHARKS are Coach Lou’s group who practice in Lanes 1-4!
    • WHALE (& BASKING) SHARKS are adult groups who practice in the morning & noon times!
  • Please keep watch on our "What's New" section at aksharks.com for the latest information and announcements!
  • If you have any questions, please email Coach Shirley @[email protected]

THANK YOU for being a member of our program!