Very Important Announcement about FISH Meet

I notified late last night that we did not get into the FISH Great Pumpkin Meet. 

The team is going to the SURGEtober Fest, Oct 16-17. I spoke to their entry chair this morning. They will accept late entries for their October 16-17 SURGEtober Fest. Please consider signing your swimmer's up for this meet. Please keep the same strokes and distances unless signed up fo a 25yd swim. Those will have to be 50 yd swims. You can read the meet information on the team website under meets.

As the signup deadline has passed you will need to email me if you want to attend the SURGE meet.
Email [email protected] and include your swimmer's name and events to sign up. The deadline to enter by email to Coach Jennie Lou is Friday, October 8, 8:00pm

Please email me if you have questions. 

Thank you,

Coach Jennie Loy