Endurathon - Sunday, October 31, 2021


Get out and get your sponsors for the 2021 Endurathon.  This will take place On Sunday, October 31st.

For group times, please click here

For information, please read the following information.


Work Hard, Have Fun, Support your Swim Club!

Our 5th Endurathon will be our first opportunity in over 30 months to raise money to support our club. The funds we raise from this event are essential to helping us provide you top class coaching, facilities and competition at the highest level. The importance of fundraising for our club cannot be overstated. Funds generated by the Endurathon are crucial to supporting our exceptional ongoing coaching resources, training camps and specialized coaching, and keeping our programs financially accessible to our community of competitive swimmers.

The event will be held on Sunday, October 31st, 2021, at the VAC, but you will be able to collect your pledges and donations until December 31st, 2021.

Details will be provided by your coaches.


As a member of CDSC we would like you to shoot for the following goals:

White and Blue: $50

Red: $100

LMR, Regional and Senior: $150

Provincial Development  and Provincial: $200

National: $300

Please note: Senior, PD, Prov and National Swimmers: you must raise your group goal to be eligible to receive any available club travel subsidies to championship travel meets such as Provincials, Westerns, CJC's, Senior Nationals. 


Fundraising (or asking people to give you money) can seem daunting at first. Below are a few tips to help make it easier for you to be a success:


1) Choose a fantastic event.

Great news - We already have one.
The Endurathon is super easy to explain and understand.

  • "I have just 1 hour to swim as far as possible"
    You can encourage your donors to sponsor you: 
    • per meter
    • per length
    • if you pass a certain distance or 
    • simply (and our personal favourite) just make a supporting donation.

2) Who to Ask

The easiest people to ask by far are friends and family. They know who you are and there is a good chance they like you.

3) How to Ask

The key to success is to have a great story. Show why swimming and CDSC is important to you.

  • What are your goals, hopes and dreams?
  • Explain what being with the club gives you and how it would be impossible without it.
  • What ever you do: 
    • Keep it short and to the point 
    • Don't forget to ask for money. 
    • A picture is great, a short video message (30 seconds to a minute max) is even better, particularly if you are going to ask someone to promote your fundraising.


4) Making it easy to donate:

The easier you make it to give, the easier it is to fundraise. 

  • Make use of 
    • email, 
    • Social media 
    • Friends and family social media
    • Even try writing something on paper to reach people that haven't made it to the 21st century yet.
    • Make sure you include a link to the donation page in your post. If it's paper, a QR code or the written version of the donation link is a good idea also.  


5) How to get started:

  1. REGISTER now (click the “Swimmer Signup” button at the top of the page here)
  2. click 'Select Registration' button
  3. click 'Proceed to Checkout' button
  4. fill out the registration and contact forms.
  5. You will get an email to confirm your sign up and provide helpful information for the Endurathon!


We will be tracking donations and prizes will be awarded for:

  • the highest amount raised;
  • the highest amount raised in each group;
  • the most individual pledges/donations received.