2022 NEOY Swim League Outstanding Swimmer Scholarship Nomination Packet

Click here for the NEOY Scholarship Packet for 2021-2022 season




The Northeast Ohio YMCA Swim League would like to recognize 2 talented swimmers from our Northeast Ohio League who have represented their YMCA with distinction. These individuals have been outstanding competitive swimmers and contributors to their YMCA, as well as being good students, active in the church and community, and all – around good citizens. If the funding is available each year the Executive Committee, League President and Executive Committee Contact will select 2 swimmers from nominations submitted by a YMCA Swim Coach, YMCA Aquatic Director, or a YMCA Executive Director. The recipient name (s) will be announced at the Northeast Ohio Swim League Championship Meet. Nomination Forms along with proper documentation is to be sent to the Executive Committee contact and received by FEBRUARY 4, 2022.  After that date the above-named committee will review all nominations and make their choice (s) for 2022.

Each recipient will be award a Continuing Education Scholarship” stipend of $1500 that will be sent to the school (trade school, 2 year college, college or university) of their choice and may be used for tuition fees, room and board (only if living on campus), or books and supplies.  This is a one – time grant and cannot be renewed. Guidelines for disbursement of these Scholarship Funds will be outlined in a letter to each recipient.

To Qualify:

·       Nominee must be a member of good standing of a YMCA that participates in the Northeast Ohio YMCA Swim League.

·       Spirit – Be an active participant and volunteer by serving others, at your place of worship, or community service organization.

·       Mind – Must be a graduating senior, with a minimum 2.5 GPA

·       Body – Must have been a member and fully participated for at least three years in the Northeast Ohio YMCA Swim League, competed with the team your senior year and demonstrate leadership skills with your YMCA team.