The Week Ahead 2021-2022 (#7)

In this Week Ahead (#7)

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Team News: 

TIBU Mask Protocol: TIBU Coaches and swimmers are required to wear masks at all times while not in the water at indoor facilities. We have had several instances where swimmers are arriving to practices without masks. We cannot continue to allow this so please be sure to have extra masks in vehicles and swim bags at all times. We will also try to have ziploc bags available but swimmers should be arriving with their own bags.

Swimmer Equipment: Please be sure to label your swimmers equipment. Fins, snorkels, kick boards and hand paddles all look alike. So please label them with your swimmer's name. 

TIBU Meet Participation:  Meet participation is optional to all swimmers in the High School Prep & Jr. Developmental group(s). Fees associated with meet participation (USA-S registration, meet fees & swimmer surcharges) are not included in the program dues and will be billed separately. If your athlete is interested in meet participation please   click here

  • The USA-S registration fee for 2022 (Sept '21-Dec '22) is $94
  • Meet Fee(s) and surcharges are determined by the host club and will be outlined in meet announcements. 

Team Gear (included with Team Fee):  If you have not yet received the caps please see your coach.

TIBU Team Apparel 

  • Cassel’s Sports: Cassel’s will again be taking orders for team gear such as swim bags, parkas, jackets, and suits. The online store is now open:    Click here 

Team Gear (separate from Cassel’s)   Order Here

  • TIBU Team Shirts:
    • Previous Season Shirts are available in various sizes $10
  • TIBU Team Caps:
    • Latex Original Logo: $3.00 NAVY
    • Latex New Logo: $4.00 NAVY
    • Silicone Original Logo: $15.00 NAVY, ROYAL, BLACK, WHITE
    • Silicone New Logo: $15.00 NAVY, WHITE, SILVER

Practice News: 

Practice Schedule Update:

 The following groups practice schedules have been updated.

Practice Attendance reminder: 

While our non-competitive groups have maximum practice allowances, our competition groups have minimum practice requirements. We encourage swimmers in the competition groups to exceed these minimums in order to see the progress they expect. For additional information about practice expectations please contact your athletes coach.

Late Pick Up Policy: Please review our late pick up policy  click here

Facility News:  

Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis Club

  • Quince Orchard Inclement Weather policy:  As the bubble is a non-permanent structure, safety guidelines require that the bubble close for thunder/lightning and for high winds.  The guidelines for thunder closures are the same as those for your summer pool:  the pool remains closed for 30 minutes following the last audible thunderclap. If this should happen during a practice, coaches will supervise the children in evacuating the bubble and waiting out the closure in an indoor room.  If the weather forecast calls for high winds, Quince Orchard is likely to close as a precautionary measure. 

Meet News: 

To check meet results:  Results will be viewable once the host meet has distributed the results files and we have uploaded them. (must be logged in to account

  • My Account ----> My Meet Results 

Many of the meets that TIBU participates in will also be available on the Meet Mobile app for Android & IOS

October Open: 10/15-10/17/2021

  • Timeline
  • Psych Sheets
  • Warm-Up Schedule

PAC 10 & Under Rockhopper Mini Meet: 10/30/2021

  • The Rockhopper will be the first mini meet for swimmers 10 & Under.
  • Once the meet announcement and event files are uploaded a separate email will be sent out. 

Travel Meet Opportunity for Celeste Plus & Azul Swimmers 13 & Over: Information will be released shortly

Additional Information:

Interested in becoming a PVS Official? Click here to view the clinic schedule 

Photo Opt-out: If you wish for your child's image not to appear on TIBU social media posts please fill out our  Opt Out Form and return to the office (via email)

Calling all Lifeguards: If you are lifeguard certified and interested in working this school year Montgomery College Germantown is currently looking for lifeguard for this indoor season.   Click Here

The TIBU website offers many features for our users. Here are some tips to help you get familiar with what information is available to you.

  • Updating Account Information: 
    • Login---->MY Account--->MY Account
    • Make changes to your address, email, setup SMS (text messaging).
    • SMS numbers must be Verified to get text message alerts from TIBU. 
    • SAVE Button must be clicked after ever update
  • $My Invoice/Payment- your financial account

Creating USA-S Deckpass Click Here

  • SafeSport for Adults & Athletes: Once DeckPass is created you will be able to access SafeSport Tutorials
  • Athlete Protection Training for Adult Swimmers/NonSwimmer Volunteers: Once DeckPass is created you will be able to access Athlete Protection Training

  • **NEW**     TIBU UNVAX Exposure: We have created a policy for unvaccinated athletes should they be exposed to COVID
  • TIBU Health Evaluation: We are including our 2020-2021 Health Evaluation as a helpful tool to use weekly. And ask that you refrain from sending your child to practices if they are experiencing any of the symptoms listed. 
  • TIBU COVID Release: While this was included in the registration process we wanted all families to have a copy of our COVID release. We at TIBU are committed to the health and safety of all our athletes and families. 
  • TIBU Mask Protocol: Due to the changing landscape of the new delta variant and Montgomery College’s mandate we have decided to re-implement our own Mask protocols for all indoor practice facilities.