Team Picture Day

The Delta Team picture will be done just like previous years, where each swimmer will have their photos taken individually and the photographer will put them all together for a team photo in the end.  The positive on this is, it won't interrupt our practice schedule.   


Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Location:  OEHS on the pool deck

Bring: your swimmer, team suit (for individual pictures), season T-shirt for team picture (will be delivered before picture day) & gear for swim practice


What is the schedule on this day?
Senior Boys → 4:30pm pictures with regular practice & dryland after
Developmental → 4:30pm pictures with regular practice after

Advanced → 5:30pm pictures with regular practice after
Senior Girls & Senior Prep → 6:30pm pictures with dryland & regular practice after


What if I can’t attend? We do not have an alternate date, if your swimmer can attend at any point between 4:30-7:00pm please bring them for their picture even if they can’t attend practice that day.

How do I order? See the document linked for directions and photo options.