October BoD Meeting Mnutes


BOD Minutes
October 13, 2021

This meeting began at 8:30pm via ZOOM


BOD members present

Steve Potter (DAQ) – General Chair

Ed Saltzman (DYNA) – Officials Chair

Rob Copeland (SCAT) – Finance Vice-Chair

Brook Kubik (DCS) – Operational Risk Chair

Joe DeCarlo (RAYS) – Treasurer

Tommy Jackson (CAD) – DEI Chair

Nancy Harmon (SCAT) – Secretary

Elizabeth Isakson (GOLD) – Senior Athlete Rep

Hugh Convery (GA) – Senior Vice-Chair

Hannah Burke (GA) – Senior Athlete at-Large

Sydney Pepper (DYNA) – Age Group Vice-Chair

Rachel Todebush (SPAC) – Junior Athlete Rep

Matthew Grant (VAST) – Tech Planning Chair

Grace Ann Byerly (TWS)- Junior Athlete at-large

Meredith Green (BAY) – Coaches Vice-Chair



BOD members absent

Jonathon Foggin (ABSC) – Admin Vice-Chair

Jarrod Hunte (DCS) – Coaches Chair

Mike O’Shaughnessy (GOLD) – Safe Sport Chair

Kevin Sullivan (OAC) – Open Water Chair


GSI Swimming staff present                                      GSI Swimming staff absent

John Pepper, Business Manager


Veronica Burchill, Director of Social Media


Lora Thompson, Membership Coordinator



Others present

Karl Krug (SPAC) – Governance Chair


Kai Smith (ATAQ)



Call to order, approval of minutes


S. Potter called the meeting to order at 8:34pm.  Mission and vision statement of Georgia Swimming (GASI) presented

Motion:    (E. Saltzman):     to approve minutes from Sept. 8, 2021 (R. Copeland seconded)

                  Discussion:         no discussion

                  Vote:                  Unanimous approval

                  Resolution:        Sept. 8, 2021 minutes approved




Officer Reports

General Chair (S.Potter) Welcome to Nancy Harmon, Secretary, Karl Krug, Governance Committee Chair, and Jonathan Foggin, Administrative Vice-Chair.  This may be the first time in the history of Georgia Swimming we’ve had a full Board.


Admin Vice-Chair (J. Foggin) not present, no report


Finance Committee (R. Copeland, J DeCarlo) In process of closing books on fiscal 2020-2021, preparing PNL statement shortly, budget versus actuals will be ready by next BOD meeting, the 2019 990 filed, and information will be forwarded to USA Swimming as required to bring us into being compliant.


Senior Chair (H. Convery) Actively working with Georgia Tech concerning times for Senior State.  We will approve whatever presented.  Meet currently starting at 10:00am which will run meet until 9:00pm.  Host team (SA), as well as Tech would like an earlier start time.  Tech is working with Courtney to get an earlier start time, if possible.  Sanction will be submitted soon with best information available knowing things might change.


Discussion: Request has been made for Senior State to have a “Scratch box “.  This is for Officials to have the opportunity to advance to National Level Administrative Referee (n3).

·       The limitation is that heat sheets are not ready until just before the beginning of each prelim session.

·       Coming out of COVID coaches may not be on board as they will be unable to schedule their swimmers until just before the session begins.

E. Saltzman stated Officials will do what is best for coaches and swimmers.  Hugh will take the request to the Senior committee for discussion.


Age Group Chair (S. Pepper) no report


Diversity (T. Jackson) finalized awards for Diversity meet and still working on swim camp. Coach Kai will present a proposal for raising funds for DEI initiatives in new business.


Secretary (N. Harmon) no report


Registrar (L. Thompson) registration is ongoing.  Would like to discuss with Joe and/or Rob moving to invoicing clubs directly for registration.


Business Manager (J. Pepper) Business as usual, report submitted


Open Water (Kevin Sullivan) not present, no report


Officials (E. Saltzman) Received a rush of people training and apprenticing, numbers look good.


Technical Planning (M. Grant) no report


Coaches Chair (J. Hunte) not present - report given by Meredith Green, Coaches Vice-Chair.  Continued discussions on Coaches Open Forum, selecting topics, trouble shooting, offering incentive for attendance.  Had first call scheduled but conflicts arose, currently rescheduling.


Discussion: Committee is currently working on Senior Coach of the Year award and there is a request for the past 2 years backups from all the Age-Group meets as well as Senior State. If you have access, please send to J. Pepper and he will forward.


S. Potter thanked Meredith for her dedication in attending the Finance Committee meeting while recovering from Covid.


Safe Sport (M. O’Shaughnessy) not present, no report


Athletes (Elizabeth Isakson, Hanna Burke) Working on food drive, dates will cover both short course championships Nov. 22, 2021- Feb. 27, 2022.  There will be four groups competing, each group led by an athlete representative. It will be a hybrid of monetary donations and food.  Next meeting Oct. 24, 2021, working on topics.


Discussion: The athlete representatives wish to remind all committees to always have an athlete present.  If having difficulty, please advise and the committee will find a representative.


Operational Risk (B. Kubik) report submitted.  Committee had its first meeting, working on mission and vision statement and looking at facility plans.  Working on list of topics. The goal is to address one or two a month. Minor incidents (2) reported, followed up, all OK.


Old Business

Motion:    (R. Copeland):    approve minutes from special BOD meeting minutes Aug. 26, 2021

                  (J. DeCarlo seconded)

                  Discussion:         no discussion

                  Vote:                  Unanimous approval

                  Resolution:        Aug. 26, 2021 minutes approved


Swim Lanes

S. Potter request updates on 5 Swim Lanes from our Quad Goals.


R. Copleand reported policies still in rough draft. Hoping to get in front of Finance Committee by next meeting. J. DeCarlo reported in process of investigating creating a Store Front to invoice clubs and/or order towels, which will ultimately integrate directly into Quick Books.

Geographic diversity

 S. Potter noted that they did a good deal of work initially but need to get reengaged and will meet specifically with Matthew Grant soon for his feedback.

Additional Swim Lanes not present

S. Potter suggested to J. Pepper we might want to schedule 6-month reviews to check focus, April and September.  We do not want to lose track of our Strategic goals


Travel Fund

H. Convery requested an update on Travel fund. K. Krug stated no update as having trouble getting call scheduled. S. Potter suggested K. Krug get back to board with an update by next month (Nov.) or at the latest January BOD meeting.  K. Krug will follow up.


New Business

Finance Committee reported on 2019 Audit and 990 filing (Federal Tax filing for 5013c).  Firm was engaged in July 2021 to audit 2019 tax return and 990 filing. 

No issues in accounting to report.

An extension had been filed and no penalties were incurred.

As a 5013c corporation board needs to approve the 990.


Motion:    (R. Copeland): to approve GASI 990, year ending Sept 30, 2020 (B. Kubik, seconded)

                  Discussion:      no discussion

                  Vote:               Unanimous approval

                  Resolution:     GASI 990 approved


Plan is to start 2020 audit and 990 immediately in order to file in December/January


S. Potter praised R. Copeland and J. DeCarlo’s fantastic work in finalizing these reports and getting GASI back on cycle, especially with USA Swimming.


J. DeCarlo wanted to note that he was able to work with the Audit firm (Helton/Schuetze CPA, LLC) to discuss best practices and he’s been able to implement several of their suggestions already.  He felt they went over and above.  R. Copeland concurred.


Motion:    (H. Convery):   to accept the GASI Financial Statements and Independent Auditors’ report year ending Sept 30, 2020 (S. Potter, seconded)

                  Discussion:      no discussion

                  Vote:               Unanimous approval

                  Resolution:     GASI Financial Statements and Independent Audit report accepted




Motion:    (K. Smith):       approve the ability of Georgia Swimming Invitational to be able to accept donations, from private and corporate donors. (J. DeCarlo, seconded)

                  Discussion:      Discussed specifying location of recognition (GASI DEI website page), time frame (1 year), and addition of approval of donors by GASI.  Modifications were made.

                  Vote:               Unanimous approval


The Georgia Swimming Diversity Invitational request the ability to accept donations, subject to GASI approval, from private and corporate donors for the following tiers:

·       Gold-$100 name recognition on Georgia Swimming DEI website (for a period of 1 year) and meet information, will receive a thank you letter

·       Platinum-$300 name recognition on Georgia Swimming DEI website (for a period of 1 year) and meet information, will receive a thank you letter, name announced at invitational

·       Diamond-$1000 name recognition on Georgia Swimming DEI website (for a period of 1 year) and meet information, will receive a donor thank you letter, name announced at invitational, and donor recognition honor

·       Individual small donations of $1 or more


S. Potter thanked K. Smith for working through this process.  It is new to Georgia Swimming to sponsor a meet and he appreciates the extra effort to seek board approval.


Open Discussion

Process improvement for distribution of All-Star Towels.

J. Pepper has had requests from several coaches to find a better way to process and distribute All- Star towels. He has been working with the distributers to create a series of rolling deadlines. There will be three dates towels will be ordered.  Oct 30, Jan 31, Apr 15.  Parents will be responsible for ordering towels for their swimmer.  J. Pepper will verify that time standard has been achieved.  Towels will be sent to swimmer’s team for distribution.  Price will be set at $40 per towel (increase due to multiple shipments). 

·       Parents will be responsible for ordering, funding, and specific spelling.

·       Rolling deadline allows swimmers to receive prior to end of year  

·       Marketing for Georgia Swimming.  As swimmers receive their towels sooner, others will see them, thereby incenting others to order towels.

·       If swimmer achieves a higher standard during the year, they may order an additional towel.

·       No All-Star banquet in near future to deliver towels. 

Originally entered as a motion but this is really a business discussion.

It was stated that this is not really a benefit to smaller clubs or to clubs that subsidize the cost.

S. Potter did note it benefits the larger clubs with ordering, but towels will still be shipped directly to teams.  J. Pepper stated he will work with clubs that may want to split costs of towels with parents


Information regarding the towels has been posted by J. Pepper in the newsletter and on GASI website.  Additionally, he is working on a video to explain the process to swimmers, coaches and parents.


J. Pepper congratulated Veronica Burchill on her promotion from Intern to Director of Social Media for Georgia Swimming




Next BOD meeting – Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 8:30pm




Motion:    (J. DeCarlo):    to adjourn (R. Copeland seconded)

                  Discussion:      None

                  Vote:               Unanimous approval

                  Resolution:     meeting adjourned at 9:38pm



Respectfully submitted:


Nancy Harmon


GSI Secretary

October 21, 2021