Friday Races Time Trial Reflection

On October 8th, Delta opened the 2021-2022 Meet Season with a Friday Night Races Time Trial and had a solid meet for our first meet of the season. 85% of the swimmers got at least one best time. There are plenty of good things to build on and some areas that need some improvement. Let's keep working hard to have an even better meet at the LWSA Oktober Swimfest in October!

3 positive things the coaches saw at the meet this weekend:

  1. Since the first week of training in mid September, Delta has been emphasizing and working to improve our underwater kicking and breakouts off of every wall, every stroke.  Our hard work began to pay off this weekend as we were noticeably better underwater.  We can still improve on having powerful breakouts, but keep thinking about 6 dolphin kicks, everyday, every practice!

  2. Team spirit....older swimmers were helping younger swimmers know where to go and what to do.  This is a perfect example of our Delta Family working together!

  3. Swimmers tried new things! Since they were able to choose their events, some chose events that were new to them or even events of strokes we haven’t started working on in practice yet, like breaststroke and butterfly. Taking a chance and getting outside of your comfort zone is ALWAYS a good thing!

3 things the coaches would like to see the swimmers work on:

  1. As we said, we have improved on our performance coming out of our walls, however, equally as important is swimming fast into the walls.  We saw too many swimmers slowing down into their turns, taking breaths right before the wall and not getting in and out of their turns quickly.  Remember, it is impossible to come off the wall as fast as you can if we are not swimming into the wall as fast as possible (this is for all strokes  not just freestyle).  We will continue to work on accelerating into our turns in practice through a variety of drills and speed work.

  2. Being prepared for the meet.  That means that all swimmers know what events they are swimming including stroke and distance and they know their event numbers. This information is always found on our website on the meet page for each specific meet.  If the heat sheets are posted before the meet, they should also know their Heat and Lane.  Please see the third page of this document for how swimmers should prepare this information PRIOR to arriving on the pool deck for the meet. 

  3. Paying attention to the meet. This includes respecting the rules of a meet, such as quiet for the start of each race...even if you aren’t swimming that specific race. The coaches would like to talk with the swimmers before and after every race, therefore swimmers should report to their coach right after the swim. The coaches usually sit together in a spot where they can get a good view of the events.