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Masters Weekly News Update Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Masters Weekly Announcements
Wednesday, October 27, 2021

1.  Upcoming Team Events
2.  Three Big Things
3.  Super Slow Swimming
4.  Words from Coach Mark


FYI:  Please make sure that all your equipment has your name on it.





Upcoming Team Events

Saturday-Sunday, November 20-21
SW Zone SCM Championship, ASU, Tempe, AZ  

Are you going???

MVN Deadline NOV. 1



Three Big Things

Here are three reasons why you may not be getting faster and how you can break through and continue improving.

1. You Lack Consistency

When working out, consistency is key. Having a regular training schedule and sticking to it is paramount if you want to improve. Training for several days in a row, then taking two to seven days off (or more), will inhibit progress toward your goals.

Success is earned by consistently doing what you are supposed to do day in and day out. Ultimately, all the little things add up and yield the race results you're working toward.

2. You’re Ignoring your Areas of Weaknesses

It's always more enjoyable to do the things we are good at. Often, technical improvements will come quicker when working on one or items at a time. For example – tight streamlines or faster turns.

Embracing your weakness(es) and committing to improving will require focused training.  This should last between two to four weeks. During this time, you should focus on one or two items while maintaining consistency in your workout routine.

3. You’re Not Going Easy Enough

One of the biggest mistakes swimmers make is not going easy enough when they're supposed to go easy. Swimmers usually think they're going easy, but, they are not. Meaning, they aren't going easy enough to enable active recovery or to keep their heart rate in the correct zone to elicit the desired physiological affect.

This problem compounds because if you don't do your easy sets easy enough, then you won't be able to do your hard sets hard enough. And more importantly, swimming slowly and deliberately can make you a faster and a more efficient swimmer.

Too often swimmers hop into the water and do the swim practice with the sole intentions of getting it over with or getting their hand on the wall first. Or we get lost in the need to swim fast all the time, forgetting the fundamentals that are needed to get better.

But surely, slowly, you will feel your hand catching during the pull and that hard-to-describe feel for the water will slowly appear. And soon enough, you will be swimming more efficiently and faster than ever before!



Super Slow Swimming


What Is Super Slow Swimming?

Super slow swimming is swimming as slowly as a you can, with your best (perfect) technique.

Although super slow swimming is a simple drill it can be an effective drill for improving and maintaining your stroke technique, for all the competitive strokes.

Super slow swimming can help provide a competitive swimmer with many benefits, these include,


1.  Helps you to focus on your stroke technique.

-For example, is your head, body, hips and legs in the correct position?
-Do your hands and arms enter the water in the correct position?
-Are your shoulders, body and hips rotating correctly? (backstroke and freestyle)
-Are you undulating your body correctly? (breaststroke and butterfly)
-Is your stroke smooth, long and efficient?

2.  Improves balance, timing and coordination.

3.  Enables you to relax and forget about the pressures of swimming at pace.

4. Enables you to regain your feel for the water when your stroke technique has deteriorated.


Use for Drills, Recovery Swims, and Cool-Downs

Many competitive swimmers regularly incorporate super slow swimming as part of a drills, and recovery swim after a particularly HARD set.

Others use it as a part of their cool-down routine after training or competition.


Words From Coach Mark

Yes. We can!

What is the secret of our success?

Very simply - we have fun – in doing what we love …….swimming.

Swimming at the Nadadores, fun comes from being honest with yourself. Swimming becomes fun when challenges are accepted and overcome.

Swimming becomes fun when swimmers love the opportunities it provides, when we realize that we wouldn’t miss the swimming experience for anything.

And above all else, swimming becomes fun when we face challenges and experiences together.

Sharing work, success, failure and laughter will make any endeavor worthwhile. A day at the Nadadores never goes by without allowing these special bonds to occur.

Yes. You can - do all the things you love doing, whether that is raising a family or making a buck, while achieving your fitness goals and excellence in the pool.





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