There is no 'I' in Team, but there is a 'U' in Volunteering!

There are a few spots left-so snag your spot today!
How? See on the web page under GSH Community, Sign me up! (Volunteering)

For more information about these roles, please click here: Group volunteer opportunities

Why Are Volunteers Needed?

As part of the GSH community:

  • Your family was invited to attend the GSH Welcome and FIT session 
  • A group liaison has already organized a fun group activity for your swimmer! 
  • Your swimmer has had the opportunity to race at RRC or Brockville.
  • You’ve seen your swimmer or teammates streamed live on the GSH Parent Page
  • You’ve applied to be registered as an Official and done your online course
  • You’ve followed the GSH Team Feed, GSH news communication & Social Media feeds
  • Purchased cool GSH labeled coffee to share and show off to your friends & family 
  • Receive your t-shirt, SHL swim cap, personalized cap or pick up some cool SWAG. 
  • Are waiting anxiously to see & order the new GSH clothing (it’s coming)

All of this happens because of Volunteers

Upcoming Events (as long as there are sufficient volunteers to staff) 

  • GSH SHL (SeaHawks League) Blue vs Red Rudolf Fun Swim Meet (11 Dec) @ RRC 
    • We heard from lots of new families that their swimmer was not feeling ready for an away swim meet (Brockville) so we want to help you organize an at home ‘fun’ meet so kids can ‘get their swim feet wet’ in a comfortable environment.
    • There are also fabulous swimmers that did not quite qualify for Gatineau and would love to race and will be amazing mentors! 
    • A GSH fun meet will also allow new swim parents the opportunity to fill officiating roles on deck (like timer or stroke & turn judge) for the first time in a relaxed and helpful environment. A great way to learn the ropes! 
  • ‘Fun’ tastic basket draws (Nov/Dec) 
  • Community Outreach/Toy Mountain (Dec) 
  • GSH Trivia Night (26 Feb) 
  • Swim-A-Thon (April or  May 2022) 

By signing up you will be part of a team of volunteers and earn volunteer points!