Entering City Facilities (for parents)

Dear Parents,   

As the rules and regulations related to Covid continue to change, we are happy to announce that parents of swimmers are now permitted inside the City of Ottawa facilities during regular business hours.  Therefore, you may enter and wait for your swimmer in the Richcraft Recreation Centre and Cardel Recreation Centre lobbies.  Only fully vaccinated individuals are permitted in the facility; parents are allowed to stand in the hall but not on deck.  However, as with other sports organizations using City of Ottawa facilities, our club is responsible for checking vaccination status and maintaining lists of who enters the facility each day.  

In order to comply with these rules from the City of Ottawa, any parent who wishes to enter either facility must follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Send your vaccination receipt to [email protected] 
  2. Complete the following form, permitting GSH to retain your vaccination status in a spreadsheet until no longer needed (GSH will simply keep a Yes/No status, NOT a copy of the vaccine receipt itself):
  3. Complete the Parent Self-Screening form EACH TIME YOU ENTER A FACILITY (this link is also on the GSH web page):

We are counting on everyone to follow these rules, verify vaccination status, and complete the self-screening forms every time they enter a facility.  We, the facility, or city inspectors may conduct periodic verification of those in the facilities to ensure compliance. If a parent is found to not be in compliance with these rules, they may face sanctions from the club up to the possible expulsion of your swimmer from the club.  We understand this may be an extreme option, but non-compliance with these rules puts our contracts with the city in jeopardy and, therefore, our entire swim program.  

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Many thanks for your cooperation,

Michael Garnett

President Goulbourn SeaHawks