Registration Chair Report

2021 Registration Chairman Report

First, I have changed email addresses; the new one is on the website: [email protected] .

A few issues to consider:

Some teams register all athletes as Flex, which is okay except when the team doesn’t keep track of the number of meets entered. After verifying a meet, I notify the meet host and swimmer’s team, and then wait for payment prior to upgrading the athlete. I appreciate the teams which track their Flex athletes & upgrade swimmers prior to my receipt of the meet file for verification. Even though the meet invitation for 2021 Summer Championships clearly stated Flex swimmers could not participate in the meet, about a dozen Flex athletes entered; only a few chose to upgrade in order to participate. This was a hassle for all involved in the last few days prior to the championships.   

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy requires all adult athletes (18 & over) to complete Athlete Protection Training, prior to practicing or competing with age group athletes.  When an athlete turns 18, he/she has 30 days to complete the requirement. As of October 9, 32 of the 33 currently registered adult athletes need to complete or update their APT requirement. (Some of these have likely graduated and may no longer be in the water.)

MAAPP states that an adult athlete who has not completed APT may neither practice nor compete with minor athletes. It’s not a requirement, but I would suggest each team’s safe sport coordinator NOT be the head coach. Two of the LSC’s largest teams currently list their head coach as the safe sport coordinator. In my opinion, it should be an individual who has access to the team roster (including dates of birth) in order to keep track of when athletes turn 18, who has completed APT, and how to contact those who need to complete the training.

NO registration will be processed without payment. I really appreciate those clubs which are using electronic payment. Paying by check slows down the process; with the 30% slowdown in mail scheduled by USPS, checks will likely take even longer to arrive than the 7 – 10 days they take now.

APT has been undergoing change. Currently, within 90 days of a non-athlete’s APT expiration date, he/she can access the appropriate course:

Year 1 – C ore: SafeSport Trained
Year 2 – Refresher 1
Year 3 – Refresher 2
Year 4 – Refresher 3
Year 5 – Core: SafeSport Trained.

Please take a screen shot of the APT completion screen, just in case problems arise.  For APT, sometimes logging back in and seeing the APT Certification badge on the Learn dashboard will trigger the SWIMS notification.  Contact [email protected] if your APT doesn’t update within a couple of days of course completion.

Lastly, plans are well underway for “online registration” for 2023. The name is somewhat of a misnomer, as individuals (both athletes & non-athletes) will register online, but the team will still be involved in the submission process. Registrations will still not be processed until payment is received. LSC Registrars will begin training in January of 2022, and I’ll update the HOD at our May meeting.