13&O meet information

The meet this weekend is for 13&O's who entered. It is split into 2 sessions each day BB max (anywhere from no time up to the BB standard in the mornings, and BB min (at least a BB std) in the afternoons.

warmups:Please arrive an report to your coach by this time

Sat AM:(session 1): on deck at 7:45 am   estimated end of session 11:40

Sat pm (session 2): on deck at 12:00   estimated end of session  3:00

Sun AM (session 3): on deck at 7:00   estimated end of session 11:10

Sun pm (session 4) on deck at 11:00   estimated end of session 2:40

NO SNACK BAR WILL BE AVAILABLE!!! - originally they had planned one, but now they don't have one, so please bring your own food.

Meet program - all 4 sessions....session 1 is event 1-10, S2 is 11-20, S3 is 21-30, and S4 is 31-40

-Coach Dave